Down on One Knee: A Love Story for Lauren, One Year Later

I just couldn’t imagine being with anyone else other than Lauren and I wanted only her, always.

It Starts With A Crash: An Interview With Chris Wiewiora

Bryce Emley talks to Good Men Project contributor Chris Wiewiora about his new book, Riding Solo.

Sleeping Over

Chris Wiewiora remembers the first morning he woke up next to a woman.

On the Page

Chris Wiewiora remembers how, no matter where his missionary parents moved, his mother always had a book with her, and how that literary dedication passed on to him.

The Girl Next to Me

A reminiscent pain struck Chris Wiewiora when and where he least expected it.

Despite Everything

Chris Wiewiora doesn’t want closure. He wants a new beginning.

Men and Spirituality

What do you believe in?