World Vision & The Church I Used To Know


Rev. Dr. John D’Elia points out that the poor and needy are mentioned 400+ times in the Bible, while homosexuality gets a paltry two mentions.

The 3 Silent Destroyers of Marriage

The 3 Silent Killers by Cushing Memorial Library and Archives

Marriage Foundation founder Paul Friedman puts marriage under the microscope to stop three deadly killers from causing divorce.

Empty Pews: 6 Good Reasons Not To Go To Church


In this provocative piece, author and speaker Dale Fincher shares a few good reasons why many American Christians aren’t occupying the pews for an hour like they used to.

Marriage Is a Garden … Ya Dig?!

Marriage Is a Garden 2 by Ashley Mitchell .jpg

An amazing woman shares her simple marriage secret after five years of happiness with her husband, ‘Amazing Grace.’

What I Learned About Marriage After Officiating 300 Weddings

wedding rings-andrewmalone-flicker

Edie Weinstein is learning the meaning of love, commitment and devotion after standing at the altar at least 300 times.

An Amazing Before and After Graphic About Faith

ten commandments

Instead of a faith based on a list of beliefs, D.T. Brown has discovered something surprisingly simple.


boy kiss 2

Teen romance is always tricky, even more so when it’s between two young men in a conservative Christian environment. D. Gilson pulls no punches in this bold poem.

To Be Like Jesus, Does Meekness Mean Weakness?


Gil Flores shares his thoughts on the Christmas season and what the way of Jesus shows us about meekness.

Just How Real is Santa Claus?

Santa_GMP (588x393)

Author Adam C. English explores the true story behind the myth of the modern-day Santa.

In Spite of Leaked Sex Tape, Minister Shows Support for Kevin Terry

Stanley Carter2

With two children out of wedlock, church musician Stanley Carter says he refuses to cast judgment on the embattled male gospel singer caught on camera in a sexual act.

Confessions of a Believer

sandoz gmp spirituality horiz

Jason Helveston was always a believer. And for a believer, doubt is perceived as the enemy. Can that enemy be faced with opportunity and grace?

Unexpected Sightings: My Emmaus Moment

photo by The Tire Zoo

Rev. Evan Dolive changes a flat tire on a hot day in Texas, meets a stranger, and has a revelation.

The Quiet of an Empty Heaven


When Jarad Dewing lost his brother, he lost more than just his sibling. He lost his faith too.

Why I Wish Gay Churches Didn’t Have to Exist


What if our churches took Jesus seriously when he said to love one another just like he loves us?

The False Dichotomy of “Christians Vs. Gays”

gay and church photo by Ryan Welsh photography

Christian Clifton argues that the rift is because each side is seeing only a fraction of someone’s identity and treating it as the only defining factor in that unique individual’s life.

Why Arguing the “Clobber Passages” Might Be Helpful Now


Evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, I think there is a place for thoughtful engagement over the “clobber passages.”