7 Steps to Surviving Dysfunctional Holiday Gatherings

7 Steps to Surviving by MOVIECLIPS

You’ll thank Thomas Fiffer for this helpful guide to surviving hellish holiday dysfunction.

What I Learned About Depression by Being Depressed


Shawn Henfling shares what he’s learned about depression…from his own battles with depression.

Don’t Divorce Yourself From the Holidays: Advice for Divorced Dads

divorced holidays

Don’t just survive the holiday season. Use these ten tips to make memories and new traditions with your kids.

A Civilized Christmas


In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” the baby falls in love, unrequited, and Matt ponders the socialization element of the holidays.

Last Christmas

Special ornaments mean different things to different people.

Over drinks at a Honky Tonk Bar, Joe Hutcheson and his Significant Other had an unexpected conversation about just what those “special ornaments” mean.

“Here’s a number to think about: 400,000,000,000. That’s roughly how many dollars U.s. Americans spent on the Christmas Holiday last year.”

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This comment was by RevPeake on the post North Carolina’s Unemployment Experiment

Holiday Rituals: A Thanksgiving Nation or A Christmas Nation?


Michael C. Phillip on society’s need to be more like Thanksgiving and less like Black Friday.

The Theology of Toys

gifts under tree

We need only go deeper than our wounds, habits and opinions to return to our original joy

Merry Christmas, Husband

welcome to north carolina photo by ckramer

William Dameron stops at a restaurant with his husband, where a waitress thinks she is brave to say Merry Christmas. They then drive to North Carolina, a state where they don’t even know how to say the word “marriage” correctly.

An Open Letter to Photo Card Companies: LGBT Families Celebrate The Holidays, Too

An Open Letter to Photo Card Companies: LGBT Families Celebrate The Holidays, Too

Brent Almond issues a challenge to photo card companies: Stop ignoring modern families and feature more diverse relationships in your holiday advertising

Dear Santa: Why Are People Hurting My Mommy?


Warren Blumenfeld implants his current political awareness into his mind when he was a little boy writing a letter to Santa.

Five Ways to Make the Most of Holiday Memories

Five Ways to Make the Most of Holiday Memories

Mike Reynolds looks back on his Christmas Morning and the five simple rules that helped him enjoy his holiday to the fullest.

Reflections on My Daughter’s Last Letter to Santa Claus

Santa Mailbox

Jeff Bogle realizes that his daughter may have written her last ever letter to Santa Claus and wonders what this means for their Christmas future.

Merry Christmas or Whatever


Noah Brand’s Christmas wishes to all.

Santa Sex Tape


One celebrity whose star will never set is Santa Claus’, and one reason why is that he’ll never be brought low by scandal.

A Dad’s Guide to the Ten Commandments of Christmas Morning

mr. incredible tree small

Tom Burns recounts the Ten Essential Commandments that every dad must honor on Christmas Morning.