‘KRAMPUS’ is a Fun Throwback to 80’s Monster Movies

A tale of ancient yuletide horror gets a modern update.

‘Don’t Struggle With Something You Can’t Control.’

Gay son receives sage advice from Mom.

Taming Man’s Savage Ways

Can mankind put aside greed and envy in the New Year and focus on self-awareness and solving problems instead?

Love is the Common Language

A beautiful story of Christmas kindness and how social media can be an instrument in social good.

How Getting My Son a Dog Helped Heal My Shame

Embed from Getty Images Steve Austin’s shame no longer defines him. He has moved on, and so has his family.   My four year old son had been begging for his first dog for months. With Christmas nearly here, he was upping the intensity daily. The final straw for me was his cry of, “Will […]

Here’s What Your Kids Really Wanted for Christmas

It’s not what you think.

I Wanted Them All

Can you focus on the needs in your life instead of just the wants?

The Arc of Life

What can toys teach us about human existence? Ed Madden reflects on the lessons his favorite childhood toy has taught him as a man.

Anyone Else Worried About a Snowless December?

Matthew Rozsa asks: If you don’t believe in global warming, how do you explain our snowless December?

Santa Claus Shot and Killed in Home Invasion

Let’s be honest. Santa risks his life every year by delivering presents to the war zone that is the homes of gun owning Americans.

Today’s Your Birthday

When one chapter closes another one begins. On this podcast, Chris talks about how he developed a relationship with JC and how his spiritual fitness toolbox has helped him through difficult times in his life.

Why Is Christmas So Stressful?

Mike Berry puts the spirit back in Christmas.

A Christmas Tradition that Will Last Your Kids a Lifetime

My parents gave us a lasting door back into our childhood.

Ask A Dad—Christmas Edition!

It is our weekly Poppin Bottles Dad Cast with a holiday bent!

Holiday and Relationship Tips for Men

Time is precious. Our lives are temporary and so very fragile. Give your time.   Would you give an honest answer if I asked you, “Did you wait until the last minute to go shopping?” Sure you would. We would all give an honest answer. But, the reality is this: If you and your significant […]

My Father Tells a Story About Beauty

Hayden Saunier shares a story of Christmas past, the power of compassion, and our capacity to heal.