Newest Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Film “Interstellar”


Christopher Nolan is back with an absolutely beautiful trailer for his upcoming film; Interstellar.

What If My Son Doesn’t Like Star Wars?


Neil Sheppard explains to his wife that there’s more to Star Wars than light saber duels.

Superman and Innovation – Who Will Be the Maccabees?


Sam Sattin wonders, how do we tell the difference between the revolutionary and the trivial?

The Dark Knight Returns

Batman at gunpoint

See Batman in a whole new light: the darkest of knights comes to home video on September 25.

The Masks We Wear


  Editor’s note: We apologize, but this article has been removed at the request of the author. For more articles about and by male survivors, please see the following links. Christopher M Anderson 1 in 6 David Pittman Robert Brown Levi Greenacres Also see our section on Trauma and Recovery

Man of Steel

man steel 70b017742a19a1d970d-320wi

Geeks everywhere have dreamed of swinging on web lines, wielding a powerful hammer or even wearing the cape and cowl; but more geeks have worn an “S” in hopes of flying through the air like the superhero of all superheroes-Superman.

Talking Tesla

tesla pic08

Thomas Edison was a bully. That’s why you’ve barely heard of the hero of Rave’ Mehta’s new graphic novel, The Inventor: Nikola Tesla

Movies: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Hits The Web … For Real This Time

… so it all comes down to this for the caped crusader? Tick. Tick. Tick. Boom.

Movies: Rob Brown Is Cast in The Dark Knight Rises

The Finding Forrester actor has secured a role in the Bat sequel, but nobody knows what he’s doing.