There’s More Than One Kind of Naked


Why taking your clothes off doesn’t always mean being vulnerable.

I Can’t Not Feel This

How Can I Not by Chris Pizzitola

Cabot O’Callaghan captures that moment when the tidal wave of life takes you under, and you surface, grateful to be alive.

All I Can Do Is Be Here Now

All I Can Do by Senor Codo

Ty Phillips lives–and parents–in the present moment, despite his chronic illness.

The Pain Doesn’t End When You Leave the Hospital


Sami Jankins explains what it’s like to live your whole life in and out of the hospital— and what well-meaning family and friends can do to help.

Why We Run #18: Because We Can


Your body gives you so much, sometimes it’s good to give back

How to Achieve Happiness Despite Everyday Challenges

Choosing Happiness Achor

Shawn Achor, author of “The Happiness Advantage”, offers 6 strategies for choosing happiness despite life’s challenges.

My Chronic Illness Doesn’t Define Me


Sami Jankins explains why a diagnosis doesn’t have to alter your outlook on life and what you can seek to achieve.

What Movies and TV Get Wrong About Illness

Watching a movie screen

Sami Jankins believes that movies and TV shows are missing the mark on an accurate portrayal of illness. How does this image affect men and perception of masculinity?

Functional and Fashionable Clothing with a Greater Purpose 


Founded by a Stage IV gastric cancer survivor himself, CureWear is functional and fashionable clothing with a greater purpose.

Managing Crazy: 4 Tips For Sanity While Parenting a Child With a Chronic Illness

managing crazy with sick child

Jenny Glick is a therapist but these are lessons she’s learned as a married mom of a son living with diabetes.

Dear John: She Wants Him To Have An Affair


A chronic illness prompts a proposal for an affair, a girlfriend who won’t quit smoking, and a friend who stole a work project.

This Is Not An Article About Being Positive


When Joseph Varisco was diagnosed as being HIV+, he learned a lot of things. But mostly he learned just how complex people can be.

The Best Man Money Could Buy

best man wedding, best man, friendships, male friendships, men, manhood, what makes a best man, goodness, good men, The Good Life, men weddings, grooms

Ernie R writes to The Good Life of two best men: his own, and himself.

Caring For a Wife With a Chronic Illness


When he married his wife, Cory Huff knew she had been suffering from Neurocardiogenic Syncope since her childhood.

The Healthy Man’s Heart Disease

photo by ell-r-brown

Christian Jacobs lives in fear that he could die of a heart attack at any time. And he’s just 21 years old.

Dear John: Nosy Coworker Smells Booze


This week Dear John addresses a boozy colleague, a socially aggressive wife, and meds for chronic depression.