Calling a Time Out from the NFL

Wai Sallas on the failures of the NFL and why we won’t be watching the Superbowl this year.

‘Concussion’ Is Not the NFL’s Two Minute Warning CTE Families Hoped For

Kimberly Archie’s 24 year old son died from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy from playing football. Here is her poignant review of the movie Concussion, in theaters tomorrow.

Worst Moment in Sports, 2013

Unfortunately, sports’ worst in 2013 included terrorism, rape, and murder. Liam Day runs down the ugly list.

The Best of GMP Sports, 2013

The year in sports was an eventful one. From the bombings at the Boston Marathon to wrestling’s removal from and then reinstatement to the Olympics to the growing issue of concussions in the NFL, here is some of The Good Men Project’s best sports coverage from 2013.

Baseball’s New Three-Letter Word: CTE

Former Major League Baseball player Ryan Freel committed suicide in 2012. It’s now been confirmed he suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, the national pastime’s first documented case. Neil Cohen discusses how MLB is getting proactive.

Tony Dorsett Diagnosed With CTE

Liam Day discusses Tony Dorsett’s diagnosis and how it’s related to the other story dominating the NFL this week.

Network of Denial

As PBS gets set to air a Frontline documentary on concussions in the NFL, Neil Cohen examines ESPN’s curious decision to pull out of the production.

Rugby Faces the Same Challenges as Football

The 6 Nations Championship kicked off this month. Liam Day says it’s the perfect opportunity to look at the issue of sports-related brain injuries from a different perspective.

[VIDEO] Glenn Beck Calls Obama “A Full-Fledged Woman”

In the tangled mind of Glenn Beck, rational thoughts on parenting are enough to have your “Man Card” revoked.

School Sports and Kids: What is the Impact of a Concussion? (Infographic)

Recent studies show, “Each season the average college football player receives more than 1,000 blows to the head.”

Junior Seau Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury. Duh.

Liam Day wonders how long we can continue ignoring the mounting evidence that football damages players’ brains.

Five Troublesome Things About The NFL

It’s actually more like one big troublesome thing with five subsections.

Kevin Robinson – 50 Concussions and Still Riding BMX

40 year-old Kevin Robinson has had 43 surgeries, 25 broken bones and at least 50 concussions from his career as a professional BMX rider. Despite warnings from doctors about future brain damage, Robinson won’t stop riding.

Would You Let Your Son Play Football?

Joanna Schroeder wonders what the recent deaths of NFL players say about the disposability of men in our culture.

Junior Seau – Are NFL Players Dying Slow, Gladiatorial Deaths?

Kaleb wonders to what degree we, as Americans, are willing to sacrifice our young men’s lives for the National Football League.