Foreskin Wars: Why is the United States so Addicted to Circumcision?

As the 2012 American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) circumcision policy receives further volleys of grapeshot, a new question arises: Why do we need a policy on circumcision at all?

In Defense of Self-Hatred

Joseph Rosen thinks that self-hatred is under rated and that it may even change the world. Yeah, he likes to think big.

Dear Dad: The One With the Circumcision Question

A single mom has no male influences and is unsure if she should circumcise her unborn son, so she turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice.

Why I Would Never Circumcise My Son

As a feminist, I believe in consent and autonomy for all bodies — not just women’s bodies.

5 Reasons Not to Circumcise Your Child

Justin Dennis gives five great reasons to leave your baby’s penis alone in this awesome video.

Why Are We Still Circumcising Our Boys?

Whether it was God, Mother Nature, or Darwin, the skin that we brutally cut or cauterize away is there for a purpose, a purpose that has been forgotten.

What Do Circumcision And Strip Mining Have In Common?

Forcefully removing that which we have no right to remove.

“Is Circumcision Necessary and If So Why?”

Why I Chose Not To Circumcise My Son

Why I Chose Not To Circumcise My Son

Brian Leaf thinks insisting a son’s genitals must match his father’s is a ridiculous assertion to start with.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Respect the Foreskin

Scott Posey originally wanted to have his newborn son circumcised, but, after he honestly asked himself why, his opinion started to change…

Universal Circumcision Is The Dumbest Proposal Ever

It’s proposed as a public health measure, but it’s just another weak rationalization. Ali A. Rizvi breaks down the reasons why.

Confronting the FGM and Male Circumcision Double Standard

Brian D. Earp is strongly against FGM, but he doesn’t think the campaign to end genital mutilation should end with females.

Circumcised at 99

David Karpel, an Orthodox Chassidic Jew, on what circumcision means in his religion and family.

Please Respect Our Circum-Decision

Renee Lute is asking for one thing in regards to the circumcision debate: Respect her and her husbands choice as parents.

An Open Letter to the Author of ‘How Circumcision Broke the Internet’

Brian Earp believes circumcision is worth talking about. And he would like Mr. Stern and the editors of Slate to know why.

There Is No Superglue for Circumcision: An Interview With Aubrey Hardwick

Aubrey Hardwick decided she “needed a damn good reason to throw a piece of her babies in the garbage.” Savas Abadsidis discusses the dilemma of unnecessary circumcision of boys with he