This Weird Instrument Sounds Like a Bunch of Circus Clowns in a Traffic Jam

This one-of-a-kind mish mash of plastic bladders and PVC pipes can actually carry a pretty good tune. Is it just us, or does this guy look an eccentric train conductor?

Extremely Athletic Unicycling—Not Intended for Clowns

Tramatized by clowns as a boy, Tor Constantino is thrilled to see extreme athletes embrace unicycling—breaking clowndom’s monopoly on the uber-cool, one-wheelers.

A Dad’s Guide to the 10 Worst Halloween Treats

Tor Constantino offers this guide as a public service to all men who get stuck eating the misfit Halloween candy their kids don’t want—life’s too short to eat bad candy.

Good Men Profile: Alexander Calder

The man who invented that thing hanging over your baby’s crib.

Gaming: Zack get his Afro-Wig knocked off in Dead Or Alive 5 Trailer [@akilshohen]

… you just got knocked the what out!

Ten things I’ve learned from DJing

Note: I am not a DJ, but I do produce a weekly comedy show in Toronto (pimping my show now: Anyway, this past Saturday we decided to throw a dance party after the show, and to save money, I DJ’d for much of the night (with a proper DJ who happened to be in town […]

Sports Matter: Rick Chandler

Rick Chandler talks to us about Deadspin, selling back range balls, and finding an elephant in your parking spot.

What Can You Give to the Kid Who Has Everything?

Well-to-do parents are buying out whole circuses to create birthday memories. Is that really what their kids want?