Can Walmart Become an Agent for Social Change?

Can a shift in culture remake Walmart as an agent for social change?

Fight Corruption in Politics and Take our Country Back

It’s time we the people minimize money and corruption in our politics and take control of the election process as well as oversight of how we are governed

From Ice Cream to Transforming Politics, Ben & Jerry’s Rock!

From delicious ice cream created and marketed in a healthy, sustainable and socially responsible way, to a creative campaign to get money out of politics, Ben & Jerry’s lead the way

Hey Liberals, Big Money In Politics Is Here To Stay

How can liberals win in the new campaign finance environment?

The U.S.A. Slips Further Into Plutocracy

Democracy in the U.S.A. literally no longer exists as of April 2nd, 2014. This is a historic and shameful day. America is now officially a Plutocracy, a state governed by those who possess the most money, not by those who labor for it.

The Scoop on Ben & Jerry’s Latest Campaign

Ben Cohen, the first half of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, was at Union Station in Washington on Tuesday to literally give cash away. These were no ordinary bills, though.

The 12 Best People of 2012

Sean Beaudoin compiles the dozen best people of the year—drawn from the avalanche of overall excellence we experienced as a culture. Also, their less impressive counterparts.

Mr. McDonald Goes to Washington

Employees of a McDonald’s franchise in Ohio received a letter along with their most recent paycheck, stating that “if the right people are elected, we will be able to continue with raises and benefits … if others are elected, we will not.”