Home of the Brave: How a Once Great Country Lost its Way

It’s time to put aside our differences and work together to get things done.

Taxpayers Let’s Take Our Government Back!

If the political system isn’t working for you, get involved and take action.

Peaceful Citizen Activists Blocking Hate is a Beautiful Thing!

The power of one, a few and many to do the right thing and fight for equality, fairness and a just society is an awesome force for change and for good

The Empathy Test

Empathy is a human superpower.

Cups of Opportunity Prove Sweet to At-Risk Youth

CUPs Coffeehouse founder Brian Gray teaches young adults they CAN make a difference.

Rally Planned for Boy Brutalized by PA Cops

Activists announce “Justice 4 Joey’ rally will take place in front of Tullytown Borough Police Department.

The Politics of Place-Making in Philadelphia

Discussing the idea to “Share Philly™,” BMe Brothers Anton Moore and Isaiah Thomas suggest the Mayor’s Office Establishes a Commission on Parks and Recreations

Cool Deed of the Day: The Chicago Tribune Bought the Boston Globe Lunch (PHOTO)

We all know the Globe had a rough week. The Tribune decided to do something nice about it.

“If you WERE in a fight last night, please clean the blood off BEFORE you hop on public transit.”

This is a comment by GirlGlad4TheGMP on the post “How to Ride a Bus”.

Adventuring Forth

As you set forth into the world, how do you know you’re on the right path? Venture for America fellow Ovik Banerjee on service and entrepreneurship.

Liberty and Death: What a Man Can Do With a Gun

Second amendment rights come with limits, including discipline and regulation.

“Violence is often the first resort of society. Is it any wonder people take inspiration from that?”

This is a comment by Jonathan G on the post “Men and Mass Shootings”.

“I would like the death penalty removed and to see a reformative jail akin to a drug abuse rehab center.”

This is a comment by Gustavas on the post “Death Penalty Now”.

What Freedom and China Have to Do With ObamaCare

“I saw that in the literal sense, China was freer than America.” Discipline, cigarette smoking, the quarter-life crisis, and the Affordable Care Act all figure into Brandon Ferdig’s essay on freedoms and their limits.

Defining Masculinity

“…gangsta culture is the essence of patriarchal masculinity.” An introduction to Jack Donovan’s new book, “The Way of Men.”