Steve King’s Brand of “Freedom”

New Congress

Only for people like Steve King

You Are a Role Model. Reluctancy Doesn’t Change That.


We are examples for others, whether we want to be or not. We influence the development of those around us. Let’s embrace this rather than live in the fantasy that it doesn’t exist.

The Right Way To Approach Raising the Minimum Wage


Raising the minimum wage, far from being a comprehensive solution, is at best a temporary fix to a much more fundamental problem.

Boys Save Kidnap Victim In Dramatic Rescue


Two Texas youths provide an object lesson in how to help out in a crisis.

MAKING HISTORY: First Ever Green Card Approved for Married Gay Couple

the doma project

The Obama administration has avoided ruling on green card petitions made by married gay couples while the challenges to DOMA were working their way through the courts.

Let Them Eat (Wedding) Cake

wedding cake

Greg White fell in love with a Canadian man. And today, he got good news — “the kind of news where you recklessly go out to breakfast and eat carbs.”

25 Life Skills a Father Can Give His Son

men's life skills, life skills for men, fathers and sons, what fathers teach sons, manhood, Father's Day, importance of fathers

What skills do you wish your father had taught you?

Judge Rules Discrimination in Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

joe arpaio, racism

A federal judge ruled that Joe Arpaio was violating the constitutional rights of Latino drivers by targeting them and using their ethnicity to influence legal decisions in his attempts to crack down on illegal immigration.

5 Guys Talking: Men of Action

5 guys talking, men of action, The Good Men Project, men, manhood, masculinity, service, heroes, activism, emergency response, citizenship

An AIDS activist, a Christian missionary, a wilderness first responder, and a revolutionary rock star… Premium Members talk to four men who’ve made it their lives’ work to help other people, and how any of us can be prepared to take action in a crisis.

Gang of Eight Set to File ‘Sweeping Immigration Plan’

american flag

The new legislation requires a secure border with Mexico before the other provisions of the bill, including the citizenship proposals, would go into effect.

How to Miss Someone During the Holidays


A larger-than-life uncle and “pit bull lawyer” taught Philip Menchaca gratitude for American citizenship.

How to Survive a Natural Disaster


If there’s a natural disaster or terrorist attack, can you protect your family?

What Makes A Democratic Republic?


Sean Davis has a few words for anyone planning not to vote.

The Way of Men: Interview with Jack Donovan

in memory of our glorious dead

“The Way of Men” book author Jack Donovan answers some hard questions about masculinity and society, and the way forward for men.

Russell Simmons Supports the My Fellow Americans Project

Screen shot 2011-08-17 at 2.29.11 PM

Russell Simmons records a video in support of the My Fellow Americans project, and you can too.

The 10 at 10


Baldness is disappearing, religion could become extinct, and Hemingway reviews restaurants online.