In Praise of Snow and Anarchy

Why it’s good when the city shuts down.

City vs. Country Minimalism

What kind of environment does minimalism thrive in? Leo Babauta argues for all types.

Why Free Food Matters For You And The Environment.

Every city should have one of these as its heart…

5 Reasons to Stop Calling Chicago ‘Chiraq’

Considered the voice of Chicago, B.O.L.D member Richard Taylor fights against the death spoken over his hometown.

If You Saw a Megaphone and Sign That Said “Say Something Nice,” What Would You Do? (Video)

What would you say into the megaphone?

The City Boy and the Snake

Rob Roberge thought life in the desert would be peaceful . . . Until he discovered a swimming snake in his brand new saltwater pool.

Across the Rooftop

#32: This story is about a penthouse.

This is the REAL Harlem Shake — #SavetheShake (Video)

I wanted to leap out of my chair and dance within ten seconds: the viral meme has nothing on the original dance.

“Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is an anarchist taking advantage of the popular rage.”

These are comments by Nas Who and Mike L on the post “The Dark Knight Rises Is a Pro-Fascist Movie”.

Odd Jobbing

There’s a reason they call Economics “the dismal science.”

Ten Things I’ve Learned By Having One-Night Stands

“When you wake up in a part of your city that you don’t recognize with somebody you don’t know, it leads you to question your decision-making abilities. But it often makes a terrific story.”

Gaming: Kinect Star Wars Gets An Intergalactic Groove with Lando and Han [@realbdw]

You should rent an extra skull, because your head may not be able to contain this much awesomeness.

The Long Arm of the Social Law

Steven Axelrod reflects on human connection, as it exists from Nantucket to Los Angeles.

Gaming: An Early Present from Batman: Arkham City

During the night, a psychopath dressed like a flying rodent came down the digital chimney with presents for everybody! Yay!

Music: Rakim and EPMD Play NYC’s Central Park for FREE on Sunday!

The 18th Letter joins Erick and Parrish Makin’ Dollars to show NYC hip hop heads some love.

Your Stadium Won’t Solve Your City’s Problems

Camden Yards has turned the stadium into a supposed economic savior, but it turns out they’re all false prophets.