Sometimes You Have to Take a Stand, Sometimes You Have to Sit

The house is a rockin’ with chants of #NoBillNoBreak and #NoFlyNoBuy as Dems take their seats – on the floor.

It is Harvey Milk Day — Honoring the Man

Today is Harvey Milk Day. We must not forget his contribution to not just LGBT people but for all those who believe in human rights.

A Christian Dad Sounds Off on the Lies About Transgender People and Restrooms

Bruce Pagano is a devout Christian with strong principles. He respects those of his faith with whom he may disagree. He has a tough time, however, with those who deal in complete falsehoods. That is what he sees in today’s current discourse. He tells us why.

The South Is Rising Again! And it Needs to Stop.

Implementing still more laws that segregate and discriminate, Southern states showcase the worst of human fears and ignorance.

Speaking Truth To Power Requires Standing For…Not Against

While much of the world is creating fear and attacking, speaking truth requires standing for something. _________________ Last fall I saw a play about civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, and since then haven’t been able to get away from this phrase, “speak truth to power”. It just keeps reverberating in my head. This phrase seems […]

The Man who Began Campaigning Against #OscarsSoWhite 74 Years Ago

Nodding heads and vague plans haven’t worked so far. It’s time for movie viewers to demand a change.

Harper Lee and a Life of Courage

The loss of Harper Lee is the loss of a very important cultural voice.

The Inconvenient King: Martin Luther’s Discarded Dream

AJ Springer offers his thoughts on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and how aspects of his legacy are being tarnished.

The Gay Man Behind Dr. Martin Luther King

Bayard Rustin was a key advisor to Dr. King. Widely credited for the pacifist strategies of the movement, Rustin was a gay man who, had he not been shamed and shunned, could have been at the forefront of both black and LGBT civil rights.

Your Wishes Delivered: Mr Brown’s Books

See how one remarkable man is giving back & making wishes come true.

Demand a 2016 Election Day Holiday!

How can you fight back against discriminatory voter registration laws? Demand an Election Day Holiday!

8 Reasons Why I Don’t Watch Professional Sports

Steve Dustcircle used to enjoy watching sports, but he’s not a sports fan any more. It’s not because his teams are losing, it’s because he listened to his conscience.

Are You Afraid To Talk About Racism?

To combat racism and heal society we must first be able to talk about it. Until then, nothing will change.

Here’s How History is Shaping the #studentblackout Movement

Curious how what is happening at Mizzou and other campuses relates to the bigger, historical context? Marshall Ganz helps break it down.

The Top LGBT Accomplishments of 2015 — So Far

There were huge ways that LGBT people made gains this year. Alex Temblador counts them out. — January 4, 2015 Austria allows same-sex couples to adopt. January 20, 2015 President Obama uses the word “transgender” in a State of the Union address, the first for any U.S. president. January 21, 2015 Israel now allows transgender […]