The CIA Tortures Abroad


Who tortures US citizens at home?

We Know It Can’t Happen Here


For years, James Stafford has watched how we compared everything to the horrors of Nazi Germany—killing of civilians, a militarized police state, torture—but that could never happen here, right?

WOW: You Have to See This Time-Lapse Video of #MillionsMarchNYC

millions march nyc time lapse

This is what America looks like. This is how America changes. This is how we grow.

Anti-Black Racism, the Making of Whiteness, and the Task of White Anti-Racists

AP photo: David Carson

Chris Crass dives into the role of white people in supporting the anti-racism movement.

United Nations Under Pressure to Protect ‘Traditional Families’ Over Individual Rights


Anti-gay countries are trying to use the UN’s Human Rights Council to exempt themselves from LGBT rights obligations.

Ferguson Through the Eyes of a Teenager: ‘Am I Next?’

don't shoot

A 16-year-old kid says more with a marker and paper than all of the media did.

As a White Man, I Just Want to Say I Am Truly Sorry For Your Loss


James Maynard believes we need to be addressing the insidious violence that exists within our own community.

A Change is Gonna Come

Sam Cooke, 1931-1964

Among the things that 1964 brought to the world was the song, “A Change is Gonna Come”, inspired by events of the Civil Rights Movement.

Will the Events in Ferguson Result in Real Change?


Clearly the events in Ferguson Missouri are sparking a national conversation about racism and policing in America today, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything concrete will change.

Stigmatization & Violence as Social Control: Fear of the ‘Other’

police in line 81314 588

Dr. Warren Blumenfeld discusses how minority groups in the US live with the constant fear of random and unprovoked violence directed against them simply on account of their social identities.