Why Are Men Expected to Make the First Move?

Are we ready to move past these stereotypical roles?

Why Do We Demonize Men Who Are Honest About Their Sexual Desires?

Society pressures men to initiate sexual relationships, yet punishes them when they’re candid about their desires. So how can a man express his sexual needs without being tarred as a creep?

Boys in the Friend Zone

How can we mentor boys in dating and relationship skills?

Beware: Super-Gonorrhea On The Rise

It spreads in ways you don’t expect and antibiotics don’t kill it. What you need to know.

The Utility of Violent Porn

Under what circumstances is it acceptable to simulate non-consensual or violent sex?

The Best of GMP’s Sex and Sexuality

The Editors’ Picks for our favorite articles on Sex and Sexuality: From porn, to embracing sexuality, to strip clubs, to Coming Out stories… Did we miss any of your favorites?

Rapey Pickup Artists: Analysis Of A Field Report

Clarisse Thorn discusses the darker side of the pickup artist subculture in America.

Louis CK and the Brilliantly-Crafted Feminism vs Comedy Joke

Joanna Schroeder thinks feminists should take another look at the Louis CK joke that pits feminists against comedy.

“50 Shades of Grey,” “Fight Club,” and the Complications of Male Dominance

Clarisse Thorn sees nothing new in eroticized images of male dominance and violence, but she sees plenty that’s thought-provoking.

Can We Make This More Complicated?

Clarisse Thorn talks rape, feminism, BDSM, and what it’s all taught her about the ethics of complexity.

[Book Excerpt] Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser: Long Interviews with Hideous Men

In chasing the pickup artist, Clarisse Thorn learns that playing with fire … is hot.

Clarisse Thorn’s New PUA Ebook

Just in time for International Women’s Day, badass feminist and Friend of NSWATM Clarisse Thorn‘s first book, Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser, is available on Kindle. I was lucky enough to be able to read an early copy. Originally, when I got the email, I intended to read the first chapter and then do a […]

Orgasms Aren’t My Favorite Part Of Sex, and My Chastity Urge

Are orgasms overrated? Why do people choose chastity? Clarisse Thorn answers these question in a two part sex column.

Hugo Schwyzer!

Trigger warning for rape and abuse. Hugo Schwyzer has been very unpopular lately. A quick summary for those of us who don’t follow giant Internet slapfights while giggling: it started with Feministe, where the fabulous Clarisse Thorn cross-posted her interview with Hugo Schwyzer from Role/Reboot. The Feministe commenters dislike him because of his history of […]

Feminist Lessons From the Seduction Community, Part Two: Self-Help Versus Misogyny

Clarisse Thorn continues her exploration into the world of the Pickup Artist and finds a confused, often conflicting culture.

Feminist S&M Lessons From the Seduction Community: Part One, the “Neg”

Clarisse Thorn begins her deep exploration into the world of the Pick-Up Artist.