Working-Class Beasts and Rape Culture

TW for harassment. This article provides an excellent example of how the Knight/Beast dichotomy plays into rape culture. Some men harass women on street corners. Generally, our culture presents it as being working-class men– archetypically, construction workers. They’re Beasts, not like the nice Knights who can be expected not to whistle at women who don’t want […]

Golfing With My Father

golf course at country club

Collin Slattery and his father both believed that the ability to play golf was a marker of success.

Does ‘Daddy Leave’ Lead to Gender Equality?

Norwegian dad and kid in snow cave

Norway’s parental leave policies, though popular, have unintended and adverse effects on families.

Romney Former Partner Sums Up Success Myth

Guys. Guys, look at this quote from Edward Conrad, Mitt Romney’s extremely wealthy former partner. “God didn’t create the universe so that talented people would be happy,” he said. “It’s not beautiful. It’s hard work. It’s responsibility and deadlines, working till 11 o’clock at night when you want to watch your baby and be with […]

He’s No Zucker

Monopoly game board

Chuck Ross asks brides-to-be: Is it all about the ring? Mark Zuckerberg gave his bride a paltry $25K engagement ring. Is ringflation out of control?

55 Years in School: Changing Guard


Carl Bosch contemplates the school kids of the upcoming generation that he won’t know.

Movies: Actress Diahann Carroll Talks Poitier, Dandridge and More

The legendary actress speaks her mind on subjects historical and current.

Could I Fall in Love With the Bus Driver?


As she continues to gain perspective, Emily Heist Moss realizes a good man may not be too hard to find.

“What’s Up with Men?” From the Front Lines of the Boston Book Festival

Tom Matlack Boston Book Fest

Tom Matlack: “we wanted to collect stories” and talk about what the experience about being a man really is.

How Does a 99% Mother Raise a 1% Son?

mother son

There’s more than one divide between Pauline Gaines and her son, and she’s trying to get them both to disappear.

Just One of the 99%

reblogged from wearethe99percent tumblr

“If I weren’t for my family, I’d be homeless.”

He Has A Gun

photo by toe stubber

Jeremy Adam Smith’s son asked, “Did they get the bad guys?” Turns out, that was a really difficult question to answer.

There is No American Upper Class


Hugo Schwyzer does not want me to use ‘upper-class’ here.

Our Kind of People, Class, and Pride


You should always be proud of your family—even if they are preppy, upper-class, country club members.

Class Warfare and the Power of the Powerless in America

class warfare

Apathy and rage, David Perez writes, have a lot in common.

Only Real Fans Sit in the Upper Deck

upper deck

Rising ticket prices, Aaron Gordon writes, have created a class divide among fans.