Lighten Your Load To Lighten Your Life

“A clear conscience is often the sign of a bad memory.” – Unknown

Living Lightly With the One-Bag Lifestyle

Love the way you feel on vacation? Try bringing some of your travel habits home.

Staying On Your Path

Chris Forte on making a clean path for himself and others.

What I Gained by Giving Up Social Drinking

Matt Shumate took a 30-day break from alcohol—and he’s still not drinking. Here’s why.

US President Obama Turbo Charges Investment In Clean Energy Innovation

Anthony Horton on the newest announcement concerning clean energy.

1,000 Days of Freedom: How I Stopped Drinking and Started Living

Three years ago Terry Lancaster decided to take a break from drinking. It was supposed to be temporary, but he’s never looked back.

Paring Down

When we need a mindfulness bell to bring us back to the essentials, paring down is that bell for Leo Babauta. Here’s how.

Yes, I’m a Stereotype…But Not in the Way You Think: Confessions of a Sort-of-Still-a-Slob

JJ Vincent simply does not fit the stereotype of the neat and fastidious gay guy. Blame it on the chaos fairies.

Dear John: Should She Leave Her Son With Her Boyfriend?

Questions about her babysitting choices, a boyfriend with an atrocious apartment, and a step-father selling off the mother’s prized possessions after her death.

Dear John: My Co-Worker Makes Me Feel Dirty

A germaphobe coworker, a boyfriend who used to see escorts, and a regretful past of bullying.

“Saying men only shack up because of sex or 1950’s reasoning reduces men to mere sex objects.”

This is a comment by ogwriter on the post “Breaking News from Fox columnist: Women aren’t Women Anymore”.

Guestpost#73: Josh McNorton – Ten things I’ve learned from traveling in China for a month

Note: Josh McNorton is a musician, writer, and all-around good guy. This is his website: Every year for the past three I’ve embarked on a solo adventure in a foreign land. With encouragement from some Canadian friends living in Beijing and Shanghai, plus a very inexpensive plane ticket, I chose China this year. These are […]

We’re Looking for a Few Good Laundry Horror Stories

Do you wear your underwear two or three times before washing them? You are not alone.

Messy Spaces Make Us Discriminate

According to a new study, chaotic spaces spur stereotyping.

Ten things I’ve learned from cleaning an apartment

To remove smells from the walls, or in general, pour white vinegar into small tubs and leave them around the apartment for a few hours. Soda water and salt can remove almost any stains, as long as you catch the stains right away. Pour liberally, and leave on stain for an hour. I learned this […]