Why You Are Wrong to Hate Lebron

Lebron James (Source: AP)

Critics say he’s not tough enough. Clevelanders hate him because he left. They’re wrong.

T2TB Week: A Cavs Fan’s Love for Laimbeer

Bill Laimbeer

How a Bad Boy earned the support of a Cavs fan in the 1988 Finals.

Good Men Picks: Miami Heat or Boston Celtics?

Gerald Henderson, Kevin Garnett

After winning the Super Bowl, Good Men Picks switches gears to the NBA and Sunday’s Heat-Celtics matchup.

Abraham Link-oln


Here are the best links of the week, sponsored by Honest Abe.

Man With ‘Golden Radio Voice’ Offered a Real Home With the Cavs

Homeless Man Radio Voice

In the nadir of his addiction, Ted Williams would have been viewed as a criminal and a drain on society. Today he’s a national hero.

LeBron’s Return: Sad, Boring

photo via http://www.flickr.com/photos/craighatfield/

When LeBron came out for warm-ups, the crowd gave him a “ standing boo.”

Matt Bellamy: World’s Worst Sports Fan

photo via www.clevelandfrowns.com

If you don’t know the story, Matt Bellamy wore a Miami Heat jersey to a Cleveland Indians game, only a few weeks after “The King” decided to take his talents to South Beach.