Are You a Max, or a Man: Where the Wild Things Are


We shouldn’t stop valuing the beauty and power of pristine places to transform us. But we also need stories that enable us to imagine and thus see the wild spaces in our everyday lives.

The People Vs. Shell: The Patron Saints of Hope and Last Chances

View of Climbers with Fennica in background Photo by Greenpeace

Climate change, arctic drilling, and direct action protest. James Blakely is an avid outdoorsman who wants you to care about the environment too.

When It Comes to the Environment, Minority Communities Care about More than Injustice


Environmental organizations remain predominately white in part because they are not connecting with the actual concerns of minorities. After Pope Francis’ encyclical, that needs to change.

A New Way to Spend Summer by the Shore

Summer by the Shore by Judy Wall

Climate change might just bring the shore to the vacationers.

California Cracks 10,000-Megawatt (MW) Solar Capacity Mark


California is showing the world how to create clean energy jobs and protect the environment.

Forests Could Be Another Carbon Source, Thanks to Climate Change


If the situation gets worse, forests could actually start emitting carbon, instead of absorbing it, says Dr. Anthony Horton.

IKEA Pledges 1 Billion Euros to Fight Climate Change


IKEA announces $1.13 billion-investment in renewable energy projects to help poor countries fight climate change.

Indian Heat Wave The 5th Worst In History

coal at dusk

Anthony Horton on a deadly heat wave currently striking India.

Spotlight on Health and Climate Long Overdue


We can expect to see huge increases in Lyme disease, malaria, West Nile virus, and other potentially fatal diseases worldwide due to climate change, says Dr. Anthony Horton.

Japan Pledges $AUD580 Million in Climate Change Aid to Pacific Islands


Dr. Anthony Horton shares Japan’s recent announcement that it will invest millions in climate change and disaster aid for Pacific Island nations.

Climate Change Extra Complication in Poverty Fight


As the impact of climate change worsens, Dr. Anthony Horton explains why it’s going to become harder to stop poverty.

Poverty and the Environment: More Connected Than You Realize?


Exploring the intersection between poverty, the environment, and climate change.

Business Leaders Brace for Disappointing Climate Deal in Paris


International business leaders are calling for greater agreement on climate policies and joint public-private sector investments.

Desert Farms Could Power Flight With Sunshine and Seawater


What if you could grow biofuels on land nobody wants, using just seawater and sunlight, and produce food at the same time?

“Business as Usual” Life in the United States Will End in Less than 30 Years


Rising temperatures and population growth will combine to create a sixfold increase in the number of people exposed to extreme and potentially fatal heat.