Why Climate ‘Uncertainty’ is No Excuse for Doing Nothing

climate change

Uncertainty in questions about climate change means there is a greater risk.

Global Deforestation is Driven by Agribusiness

deforestation  Rainforest Action Network:Flickr

Stopping global deforestation will take more than mere words.

Will the True Voice on Climate Change Please Stand Up?

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Three contradictory models for action on climate change are offered, and all could hold solutions.

Real Sustainable Development Requires Change Through Culture

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We can make sustainable development work as a way of life.

Five Ways to Stop the World’s Wildlife Vanishing


New report shows a catastrophic loss of diversity as human populations grow. It’s time for action and the UK could lead the way.

Could Worldwide Climate Protests Make a Difference?

climate march AP:MEL EVANS)

When do protests work and what does winning a protest even look like?

Bill Maher: Is ISIS a Real Threat to the US or a Fool’s Errand?

Bill Maher ISIS2

Are we repeating a failed foreign policy and wasting immense resources (blood and treasure) better spent on challenges of Climate Change, Unemployment, Income Inequality, Education,Economic Growth…?

There Is No Planet B: The International Rally for Climate Change


A quick look at the #PeoplesClimateMarch in New York City.

#GMPChat “Preparing For an Unknown Future” Twitter Chat

How do you prepare for an unknown (1)

How do we prepare for an unknown future? Join us for our #GMPChat on Thursday, September 18th at 8pm Est in honor of National Preparedness Month

We’re Fixing the Ozone Layer. Let’s Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change!

Climate change ruins lives

We made great strides to restore the ozone layer, let’s follow that international cooperation model to mitigate climate change

99.999% Certainty Humans are Driving Climate Change

Climat change GDS Infographics:Flickr

Climate change is OUR problem! Humans must act now.

A Beautiful Grey Morning Washes my Troubles away!


It’s the little things, like waking up to an amazing misty morning, that can and do make your day

Three Simple Reasons why Climate Change is Real, and Humans are Causing It


The history of our climate is a good guide to realise that human-induced climate change is happening. It is hard to argue against the evidence.