Climate Change and Drought: A Spark in Igniting Syria’s Civil War


An abundance of history books tell us that civil unrest can never have a simple or unique cause. The Syrian conflict, now civil war, is no exception.

What Historic Megadroughts in the Western US Tell Us About Our Climate Future


When it comes to drought in the American West, particularly in the Southwest and Central Plains, expect more, worse and longer events.

You Can’t Say ‘Climate Change’ in Florida

Climate Change by Bill Day

If you can’t say it, then it doesn’t exist, right?

The False Promise of Fracking and Local Jobs

fracking well

Most people, including politicians and people in the media, assume that fracking creates thousands of good jobs … They are wrong.

Why It’s Ethically Wrong Not to Recognize Man-Made Climate Change

Why Its Ethically by Andrea Della Adriano

Matthew Rozsa reminds us that man-made global warming is a fact, and we as a species need to grow up and take responsibility.

Wilderness, and Why It Matters

wilderness and why it matters

Our understanding of wilderness and its usefulness has changed over the last century as science has revealed its significance for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services.

Climate Change, Blizzards, and School Snow-Days

Climate Change, Blizzards, School Snow Days

Alex Barnett doesn’t think he can handle another school snow day and he blames climate change.

Study: Ocean Life Faces Extinction


A team of scientists, in a groundbreaking analysis of data from hundreds of sources, has concluded that humans are on the verge of causing unprecedented damage to the oceans and the animals living in them.

The Economic Cost of Climate Change: Time for New Math

flooding-climate change

Economists underestimate the social cost of carbon by ignoring climate change’s impact on the rate of economic growth, Stanford researchers find.

We Societies

we socieites

“The history of the human race shows that culturally we are best adapted to long term survival in We Societies.”

#GMPChat with Forever Boogies: Surfing for Climate Change

boogies twit chat

The director and men from Forever Boogies will join us for a special bi-lingual (English and Spanish) #GMPChat on Sunday December 28 at 4pm Est.

Forever Boogies the Documentary


They are more than surfer dudes. They are creating a group of well balanced young adults that promote health, both in people and the environment.

The World’s Worst Anti-climate Policies and How to Fight Them

oil burn off

We need to start talking about the policies which actively make the climate worse.

¡Ay, caramba! This Is What a Flash Flood Wiping Out a Road Looks Like

flash flood

It doesn’t look like much at all. And then, it happens.

Hope You Like Mountains of Snow, It’s the New Normal

Epic Snow

Extreme weather seems here to stay—it’s getting worse and making our lives more difficult. Will we fight and defeat it, or accept it as the new normal?

US-China Deal Shows All That Effort to Tackle Climate Change Might Actually be Worth It


Months of secret negotiations have paid off, as the world’s biggest polluters sign a landmark deal.