The (in)Convenience of Water Heaters

Convenient isn’t always best, especially when it equals waste.

Your Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment

Climate change is effecting you in more ways than you realize.

Food Waste: Our Dirty Little Secret

We throw away nearly $800 billion dollars worth of food each year, and that’s got to stop.

Governments Must Act on the Human Rights Implications of Climate Change

Climate change and Government responses to it will significantly influence how the human rights of billions of people across the world are exercised.

What the Climate Change Agreement Means for Investors

Following the 2015 Paris Climate Change agreement, investor concern over stranded assets is more widespread than many think.

The Australian Government’s Climate Change Authority

Does it adequately address the reality of international competitiveness?

Tragic Footage of 150,000 Tires on Fire in Australia

150,000 tires went up in flames at a yard in Melbourne creating a cloud of smoke that could be seen for miles. Report by Sarah Duffy.

Take Action: You vs. Climate Change

How you can play a part in tackling climate change – long after the Paris hype is over.

Despite Whistleblowers, Political Activists, And Truth-Tellers, A Brave New World Continues

The USA consumes at a rate beyond compare. However, once in awhile we are given a chance to see behind the curtain and allowed to observe reality. However reality is not part of our narrative.

Drastic Measures Needed to Save Us From Ourselves

Latest OECD report indicates how much work is still required to save us (and the environment) from ourselves.

Humanity in Review – 2015

2015 as a collective whole, was one of the most important years in the history of our species.

Santa Clause Forced to Cancel Toy Delivery Trip

Because of naughty adults, Santa feels he has no other choice than to cancel his scheduled toy delivery.

World Climate Change Conference Confirms Near Term Human Extinction

This is not a call to sit back and do nothing. Instead it’s a carte blance to do something else, anything else

Why Delhi is the Perfect Air Pollution Case Study

As we start taking steps forward in environmental research, Delhi is a great country to place our focus.

South Australia’s Pathway To A Low Carbon Future

New initiatives under the Innovating to Drive a Resilient and Competitive Low Carbon Economy include Launching Smart City technologies, supporting the uptake of electric vehicles and attracting international investment.

Can Eating Less Meat Really Tackle Climate Change?

Can your diet effect the environment?