The Subtleties of Clint Eastwood’s Escape from Alcatraz

No matter the facts of a real life escape from Alcatraz – Clint Eastwood does just that in 1979 film.

‘American Sniper,’ A Review

James Halcomb reviews this year’s most controversial film.

American Sniper: Fact v. Fiction

Although the movie is an initial box office hit, there is a growing backlash against its simplistic portrayal of the war and misleading take on Kyle’s character.

No Oscar for Selma? I Snub You Are, But What am I?

The real slap in the face is that Selma is clearly one of the best films of the year, and everyone knows it.

Mrs. Smith (Pitt) Goes to Washington? Angelina Jolie Should

Brains, heart and experience combined with charisma, charm and a great work ethic, are all the ingredients we need in our representatives in Washington

What’s the Strangest Class You Have Ever Taken?

It was a good class and I learned a lot, but ultimately any course where you get credit for watching Dirty Harry is going to get my full thumbs-up.

Jersey Boys: A Different Kind of Film

‘Jersey Boys’ isn’t what you would expect from a movie based on a musical. Jersey Boys is an enjoyable film! It was directed by Clint Eastwood, and  it is based on the musical of the same name. It is rated R,  it was distributed  by Warner Bros. Pictures,  and has a running time of 134 minutes. […]

7 Word Movie Review: ‘Jersey Boys’

Will director Clint Eastwood’s latest have you walking like a man or talking to an empty chair?

Why This Generation Needs To Make Being Manly Cool Again

A young male writer takes his fellow Gen Y men to task.

What Happened To The Good Guys?

Why the new “American hero” is anything but.

From the Office Where Soldiers Kill

Does it take a special kind of courage to be a combat soldier—who pulls the trigger from an office, thousands of miles away?

America Has a Macho Problem

Andrew Cotto wonders why we are so enthralled by the “tough is good” male stereotype.

The 12 Best People of 2012

Sean Beaudoin compiles the dozen best people of the year—drawn from the avalanche of overall excellence we experienced as a culture. Also, their less impressive counterparts.

Video: Clint Eastwood Explains His RNC Speech… Sort of

From CNN Video, Clint Eastwood explains why his “empty chair” speech at the RNC was not disrespectful of the President… And how being old plays in your favor at times like these.

Five Things That Shouldn’t Be Mentioned in a Political Campaign

Campaigns for political office are often painful to watch. Here are five ways to make them better.

The Cowboy vs. The Invisible Black Man

Thaddeus Howze believes that Clint Eastwood’s empty chair imagery may have been an accurate representation of the way the power establishment in the US wants people of color to remain – passive, silent and invisible.