Discover Your Personal Style

Harris O’Malley offers a 5 step approach to figuring out your look.

It Turns Out Clothes Really Do Make The Man

What’s in a wardrobe? Findings reveal the powerful ways in which the clothing we wear shapes who we are, both at a behavioral and biological level.

Dealing With My Closet

Mark Radcliffe believes we all have a closet we avoid dealing with in life. And sometimes, it’s an actual closet.

What Masculinity Looks Like on Pinterest These Days

We’re just sharing what we see.

The Pink Bow Tie: When Straight Men Dress Gay

After growing up being afraid of looking gay, Gregory Wazowicz feels like he’s paid his dues.

Smart Dressed Men

“Such well-dressed men.”

“The women seemed reduced aesthetically by men’s clothing. The ‘story’ men’s clothing told was mere utility, expedience. They might as well have been wearing animal skins.”

This comment was by Mike on the post “Switcheroo: A Confrontational Gender-Bending Experiment”

Letting Go and Running Naked

“Bath time is a pretty big deal around our house.”

Suits, Part One: Suit As Costume

In Western culture, the men’s suit is tied in with masculinity in a variety of ways. This is the first part of a planned three-part series teasing out some of the weird issues around suits and the wearing thereof.

We’re Looking for a Few Good Laundry Horror Stories

Do you wear your underwear two or three times before washing them? You are not alone.

Ten things I’ve learned from dressing myself

Sweatpants are not cool unless you are under the age of 10 or in gym class. And even then… I used to wear clothes that were too baggy. I’ve learned something: wear clothes that fit your frame. It looks better. I wish I still had my Alf t-shirt from grade 6. It would be so […]