Why Donald Trump is Avoiding Philadelphia

Philadelphia isn’t known for being kind to Republicans and the City has shown little-to-no brotherly love towards Mr. Donald Trump.

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Biggest Loser of GOP Debate? Media Response

Last night, Donald Trump openly stated he would compel the military to commit war crimes; the media chose to cover his penis jokes.

Donald Trump: The Media’s Golden Goose

Everything that Mr. Trump is and isn’t capable of doing makes him great for the business of media, and bad for America.

How Ben Carson is Engaging in Double-Speak

Dr. Ben Carson won’t attend Thursday’s GOP debate, and doesn’t see a path to victory, but will remain a candidate, so long as donations are fluid, maybe.

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President Obama and Vice President Biden spoke directly to the American people this week about the realities and rhetoric surrounding the conversation about guns and the Second Amendment.

The Woman Escorted From the Trump Rally for Standing as a Muslim

“I have the sincere belief that if people got to know each other one on one, they would stop being afraid of each other.” Rose Hamid

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Race or class, which was a larger factor in the O.J. Simpson trial?

We Cannot Arm Our Way to Less Violence

David Perry doesn’t believe all guns should be banned, but he wonders how we can get out of this mess we’ve made.