Guns, Biden, and the New BFD Moment in America

President Obama and Vice President Biden spoke directly to the American people this week about the realities and rhetoric surrounding the conversation about guns and the Second Amendment.

The Woman Escorted From the Trump Rally for Standing as a Muslim

“I have the sincere belief that if people got to know each other one on one, they would stop being afraid of each other.” Rose Hamid

The O.J. Simpson Trial 20 Years Later: Race, Gender, and Masculinity

Race or class, which was a larger factor in the O.J. Simpson trial?

We Cannot Arm Our Way to Less Violence

David Perry doesn’t believe all guns should be banned, but he wonders how we can get out of this mess we’ve made.

What Can You Do to Stop the Shootings?

How to spot signs of premeditation and what to do as a bystander when you suspect violent intentions?

Jon Stewart, Young Adults, and the Sanitized Classroom

What made Jon Stewart, and moreover The Daily Show, trustworthy and compelling to young adults?

America Is A Prison State — But Not For The Reason Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Think

The Jade Helm controversy illustrates the racist double standard when it comes to communities of color.

Hillary Is No Favorite In 2016

Sorry Democrats, Hillary Clinton is not a shoo-in for next presidential election.

Why We Need to #StopTerrorPorn

Why are we playing into behavior that only benefits the media and the terrorists?

Does Spanking Hurt Children? Our Writers Speak Out

It’s long been accepted as normal, even necessary, but research indicates it is ineffective and possibly damaging. What is your opinion on spanking?

Nina Pham is Ebola Free. We Can Beat Ebola, Yes We Can

Ebola, although deadly and highly infectious, is not easily transmitted and can be successfully treated, especially if caught early.

Serena Williams to Luciana Berger, Racism not Tolerated

From public officials making offensive comments about private citizens, to private citizens making the same about public officials, bigotry and racism will not be tolerated.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby — But This Time, A Little Bit Slowly

Carolyn Parks slows down the intimacy and interviews Ian Kerner, Ph.D, MFT, a sex specialist.