CrossFit For Relationships: Strengthening Your Marriage At Its Core

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Jenny Glick wants you to take your marriage as seriously as your WOD.

I’m Doing What I Love…and I Want Everyone To Feel This Way

I took the leap...and love what I found.

After working at jobs he liked, Dillan DiGiovanni took the chance and jumped into what would become his First Love.

The Most Important Lessons to Teach Our Kids

The Most Important Lessons to Teach Our Kids

Cort Ruddy questions whether children need to be taught to be competitive and wonders if there are better lessons parents should be imparting.

Generation Cupcake? Today’s Youth are Better Than You Think

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Liam Day reflects on the comments made by Southern Illinois men’s basketball coach Barry Hinson, and points out that the younger generation is a lot better than we give them credit for.

What Losing Taught Me About Winning


A high school basketball coach talks about the sophomore slump that saved his family.

The Dog Days of Little League

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Michael Kasdan wonders if we are molding our boys into well-rounded strong men—-or pushing them too hard, too fast, too young, into a win-at-all costs Hunger Games arena.

If You Hear Yourself Saying “I Don’t Need This S*%!”, Chances Are You Do.

People squash onto the London Underground during the morning rush hour.

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks that when stuff all starts to hit the fan that you can check out and give up. Or…you can do something else entirely.

Peter Berg’s ‘State of Play: Trophy Kids’ a Must See for Sports Dads (VIDEO)

state of play

New series’ debut episode dedicated to over parenting in sports.

Movement Maverick Steve Atlas on Starting Body Weight Training


What’s your physical expressive culture?

Don’t Hand Matt Labrum ‘Coach of the Year’ Just Yet


Liam Day understands the feel good nature of the story of Union High School’s coach Matt Labrum suspending his students, but is it just a quick fix with no real impact?

Praising Sportsmanship, Raising Sportsmen


An inspirational story and a reminder that “Sporting” has two definitions.

How Not To Sell A Coaching Program


I walked away from an opportunity because something rubbed me the wrong way. Did I do the right thing?

The Bad Boss Syndrome and Where Brands Go To Die

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Ken Goldstein looks at the Gallup Study on employee disengagement, and discusses how companies that break promises and fail to innovate all too often end up in the Dead Brand Graveyard.

Can They Hear You Listening?

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Ken Goldstein talks about the challenges and rewards of mentoring people at the top.

When Life Hands You Lemons, See Lemonade

potential, inspiration, coaching

If you can see the potential in your life, you are ready to be inspired.

Banning Standings in Youth Sports Aims To Control Parents


Eliminating scoring and standings in youth league sports is done to control the parents, not the kids