‘Hail, Caeser’ A Movie that Won’t Be for Everyone

Hail, Caeser takes audiences back in time to the early days of Hollywood The Coen Brothers are a well known team by now. They have made such films as O Brother Where Art Thou, No Country for Old Men, Burn After Reading and many other popular movies, some that have been huge successes. Their films stray from the […]

50 More Must-See Films

Steve Jaeger thought of fifty more films you should definitely watch.

50 Movies You Should See Before You Die (in No Particular Order)

From ‘Cop Land’—who knew Stallone could act?—to the original ‘Postman Always Rings Twice,’ Steve Jaeger on why these are movies worth watching.

Guestpost #33: Wayne Booth – Ten things I’ve learned from being an aspiring screenwriter

Wayne is a very cool dude who used to work in the music industry like me, but then realized, also like me, that working in the music industry can be kind of shitty. Now he has a job-job, but is also a creative force outside of work. Here is his blog: http://allthingsx2.blogspot.com/ Fictional Robert McKee […]

Good Men Flix: ‘True Grit’

The Coen brothers celebrate the heroes of the old frontier—and the new—in their new film, True Grit.