What A Wise Old Farmer Taught Me About Love


Jordan Gray took an older farmer out for coffee and asked him his best advice about love and life. —– His tiny spoon clanks down on to the side of his white plate as he fumbles to grasp his cup of coffee. He is in no rush, and it seems that he has never had […]



Sweet and sad at the same time, this poem from Jia Oak Baker speaks to age, desire, and a kind of freedom.

Find La Dolce Vita in Second Act

chairs by David Hart

Sometimes it takes jumping off a cliff to discover the courage to change one’s life.

A Month Without Coffee


Leo Babauta is the baddest man on the planet. He gave up coffee. No, really. He stopped drinking coffee. Here’s how he did the impossible.

Cups of Opportunity Prove Sweet to At-Risk Youth

CUPs Coffeehouse

CUPs Coffeehouse founder Brian Gray teaches young adults they CAN make a difference.

You Might as Well Face It, You’re Addicted to…Fill in the Blank


Bruce Sanguin digs deep beneath the surface of addiction. What he finds there is surprisingly common and seductively ordinary.

On French Presses and Diamonds: Turning Pressure Into Something Good

french presses and diamonds photo by mrkalolo

George Davis notes that pressure can be used to be great acts of creation. If only we let it.

South African Boy Inspires Philadelphia Woman to Pour Coffee


A 16-year-old boy in foster care is the inspiration behind an award-winning, Philadelphia-based social venture which helps bridge the gap between foster care and interdependence.

Dads Are Not the Enemy

dad, father, stereotypes, men

Whit Honea was told that men are inherently dangerous. He disagrees.

How to Form a Habit that Sticks


The bad ones are easy, but adding a good habit might not be as hard as you think. — Why does it sometimes feel like it’s effortless to let negative habits creep up, but when we want to change them — or add a new healthy habit—it feels nearly impossible? A big part of it […]

Five Ways Taking a Break Can Make You More Productive.

Birds Around the Water Cooler

Are you good at taking breaks? Here’s how you can tell—and maybe how you can get better.

Your Body Wants You to Know: Enough Caffeine Already! (Infographic)

Coffee Pour

We’re on information overload when it comes to coffee. This infographic might help.

Will You Take the #2Dto3D Challenge?


Make “social” social again by making your 2D online relationships 3D!

“People tend to have more success replacing harmful drugs with less harmful drugs than avoiding them all together cold turkey.”


If you’ve ever been addicted to something, were you able to break the addiction completely? Or did you end up just changing the object of your addiction?

Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names (Video)


Do you know what a “zarf” is? How about a “lunule”?

My Coffee Like My Women: Pequeño Pero Muy Fuerte


Jackie Summers remembers a past girlfriend who left indelible marks.