Have Men Really Given Up On Marriage Because of Feminism? Babble of the Sexes Weighs the Cost of the Big Day

Feminism, the cost of a wedding, and trends in cohabitation have nothing to do with men giving up on wedded bliss. Babble of the Sexes climbs atop the cake for the big day conversation.

“But wouldn’t that marriage have been unsatisfactory regardless of whether the couple cohabited or not?”

Comment of the Day: Does living together before marriage hurt the relationship?

Arkansas Supreme Court Rules Cohabitation Cannot be Used to Deny Child Custody

The Arkansas Supreme Court’s latest ruling will ensure that same-sex couples will not be automatically discriminated against in child custody cases.

I’d Rather Have a Man Friend Than a Boyfriend

D.A. Wolf is too old for “dates” with “boys”… so what’s the right word for the men she likes?

5 Reasons Divorce Rate Has Fallen in US and UK

Does the recent trend signal a long-term change or is it merely a hiccup ?

The Kids May Be All Right, But I’m Not: My Ex-Wife’s Boyfriend Is Moving In

After the news comes up over lunch with his kids, Paul Schneider finds himself digesting the news uneasily.

Unmarried and Unequal

Why The Alternatives to Marriage Project fights for unmarried equality.

Alternatives to Marriage: 12/1

Do you have to get married?

I’m For Commitment, Just Not Marriage

For this week’s Man Up Monday, Carlos Andrés Gómez explains how the love of his life opened him up to a new model of life-long commitment.

Shaving Face

If she doesn’t have to wipe off the sink so she can use it, doesn’t sigh or grumble about the mess, I celebrate a small victory in my head.

Why I Refuse to Turn 30

Young adults are uncertain about the value of commitment to adult responsibilities like marriage and career, as they seem more difficult to achieve, and less permanent, than they’ve been for previous generations.

A History of Shacking Up in America

Annie Scudder takes us from the 1960s to today, when laws against “living in sin” remain on the books in some American states.

Separate Beds Until You Wed?

Eric Sentell of Role/Reboot wonders how much better our marriages might be, were we to break with what’s becoming normal and practice abstinence before marriage.