From a Dude Who Likes “Love Actually”


Author Steven Luna’s confession: he enjoyed the film “Love Actually.” Here’s why.

Things I’ve Learned From Writing Under a Gender-Neutral Name

ivory anatomy figures, boys and girls, men and women, gender neutral, Nico Lang, sexuality, bisexuality pansexuals, female writers, Good men Project

What changes when people think you’re a woman? Nico Lang explains.

There’s a Lot to Learn From ‘Love, Actually’


Doctor NerdLove surprises even himself in recommending the Christmas romantic comedy “Love, Actually” as a source for dating and relationship advice.

The Crying Guys


For Paul Kidwell, boys’ night out means staying in and having a good cry with his buddies.

In Search of My Balls


Are we all becoming women?

Guestpost #19: Jen Littlewood – Ten things I learned from “suffering” from English repression

Jen is a terrific performer and an extremely funny person in an understated (read: British) way. Here is her bio: Jen has lived in Wakefield, Nottingham, London, Chicago, and Toronto. She has worked in a theatre, a bar, a strip club (not in that way), another theatre, another bar, a bedroom/office space, an improv theatre, […]

The King’s (Non-Controversial, Non-Political) Speech


Isn’t it curious that at this year’s Academy Awards, only one winner used the opportunity to share his political views or make a bold statement?

Good Comment of the Day: A Stutter Won’t Keep a Good Man Down

The King's Speech

“Go ahead, Joe Biden. You’ve earned the right to enjoy talking.”

‘The King’s Speech’: A Stutterer’s Reflection

The King's Speech

“Colin Firth’s character and I have the same speech impediment: stuttering. I may not be a king, but this movie is my life.”