If NFL Stars Were Superheroes, The World Would Be A Safer Place (Photos)

They’re big, they’re strong and, of course, they have millions of dollars to invest in their powers.

The Case for Trinidad James

The new kid is blowing up, but does he work for the old kids?

NFL Diary: Week 3

Jay Cutler playing well in a contract year, Colin Kaepernick struggling behind a struggling O-line, and Eli Manning doing his best Mark Sanchez impersonation. Week 3 of Ryan Bradley’s NFL diary.

NFL Diary: Week 1

Every week this season Ryan Bradley will be reviewing the NFL weekend that was.

Rick Reilly Presumes to Know What’s Best for All Adoptees

It doesn’t matter whether Rick Reilly is an adoptive father. He should not presume to know how adoptees or birth parents feel, or tell them what they should do.

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San Francisco superfan Jim Jividen recaps the 49ers’ 5 Super Bowl wins and predicts the outcome of Super Bowl 47.

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Last week, JP Pelosi tackled the quarterback controversy in San Francisco. Now he tackles the controversy over the quarterback’s tattoos.

Why Kaepernick? Because He’s not Smith

Does the John Hughes classic, Pretty in Pink, explain the 49er’s quarterback controversy?