Heartbroken (Or, The Year I Quit Watching College Hoops)

In the wake of Kentucky’s loss, Adam Crawford decides this is the year he quits watching college basketball. Forever. And you can’t make him go back!

John Oliver’s Epic Take-Down of the NCAA on the Eve of The Tournament

Funny-smart-man John Oliver, formerly of The Daily Show and current host of Last Week Tonight, focused his energy and wit on the NCAA and March Madness. The result? A take-down of epic proportions.

So…This Happened: NCAA Tournament Edition

“Beware the Ides of March!”– Er, we mean, Beware Selection Sunday! Mike Kasdan brings it with the NCAA Tournament flavor.

It’s College Basketball Season and a Chance to Win the ‘Ultimate Home Court Advantage’ Sweepstakes

Why we love sports reason #7,523. Win big with more than $25,000 in prizes with hhgregg and #MyHomeCourt.

Why I Love College Basketball

Continuing with the best NCAA Tournament articles from the GMP Sports archives, Yago Colas admits he has a soft spot for the college game, one grounded in the knowledge that the players we’re watching these few weeks in March are not quite yet adults. Everything that stirs us and causes us to cringe during the […]

To Pay or Not To Pay: O’Bannon v. NCAA

4 years ago Ed O’Bannon noticed that his image was being used without his permission. His subsequent suit threatens to upend the NCAA. Chris Parisi reports.

What the Mike Rice Episode Says About College Basketball

The Mike Rice story is about more than just one aberrant coach. Liam Day argues it exposes the system that college basketball has become.

Teen Beat, or How I Love the College Game

Yago Colas explains why, despite all the youthful mistakes, the turnovers and the bad fouls, he loves college basketball.

2013 Men’s NCAA Bracket Predictions (If selected via the “notable alumni” sections from USA Today)

In Jim Jividen’s celebrity alumni version of this year’s NCAA Tournament, playwright Arthur Miller and actor James Earl Jones take on Joe Montana in a championship game for the ages.

There is Never an Excuse for Embarrassing an Opponent: Grinnell vs Faith Baptist

Liam Day insists that Grinnell College’s Jack Taylor’s 138 point game may break a record, but it also shows a problem of corrupted priorities.

The Errant Heel: Episode One

In Episode One, Brian and Tom discuss baseball’s opening day, the NCAA championship game, and pick their Good and Bad Sportsmen of the Week.

March Madness: The Fiction Special

Carlton Suede is about to dunk the ball. Without an ounce of grace — his mutt of a mother used to call him “our clubfooted son” — he is rising through the lower ether. Above the marshmallow-thick white soles, higher than the tense, ribbed socks, surpassing even the shiny mesh culottes of his despairing opponents. […]

The NCAA Can’t Have It All

The NCAA wants miracles, and it wants NBA-quality talent. As the National Championship showed, it can’t have both.

How Should We Remember Butler-UConn?

Like the rest of the tournament, last night was a shocking stomach punch. Finally, it actually hurt.

Your National Championship Preview

Butler winning the national championship might be the greatest thing to ever happen in American sports.

VCU Gives Us the Story We Want

VCU’s odds of making the Final Four were 821 to one. Based on the regular season, it’s one of the most improbable achievements in sports history.