The Importance of Mental Health Check In’s for College Students

Dr. Larry J. Walker shares the importance of colleges and universities establishing Mental Health Check-In policies for new and returning college students.

What Binds Us

Reflecting on the recent tragedies of this past week, we must be reminded of our need for connection to each other as human beings, and that we must call ourselves and each other to be better.

The Delayed Consequences of When Youth Sports Get Dirty

Michael Stahl admits to giving into the pressure to pass a failing student athlete for a winning program. He peels the curtain back and offers a stern warning.

Are You Having Ethical Sex?

Nina Funnell challenges her students – and others – to think through their sexual behavior and ask themselves, “Is this ethical?”.

Fraternities and Sororities Take a Stand Against Homophobia

Think fraternities and sororities are hotbeds of hate? This group is working to change that perception.

Obama Launches Initiative To Combat Rape: ‘I Want Every Young Man To Feel Some Strong Peer Pressure’

“We can do more to make sure that every man out there—in junior high, high school, and college—understands what’s expected of them, and what it means to be a man.”

Five Tips to Welcome Home the College Kid that Once was a Child

Returning home from college might be as big of an adjustment for students and parents as leaving home for college

“Violence is often the first resort of society. Is it any wonder people take inspiration from that?”

This is a comment by Jonathan G on the post “Men and Mass Shootings”.

“Shutting down football would put a lot of young men, who did nothing wrong, out of school.”

This is a comment by Inners, Mike L, and Christian Coleman on the post “Open Thread: Should Penn State’s Football Team Be Shut Down?”

Hansen Clarke’s Student Loan Forgiveness Act Finds Big Support Online

With student loan debt rising higher than credit card debt, Representative Clarke knew something had to be done.

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