My Father, the Legend—and the Lessons That I Hold Tight

His father’s values guided him well beyond his youth.

What I’m Learning About My Son’s First Home Away From Home

Many parents dread the day that their children leave the nest. I’m grateful to have been liberated by my empty nest.

3 Innovative Entrepreneurs Are Serving Simplicity to the Masses

What does this social entrepreneur, real estate investor, and author have in common? They are serving simplicity! Who’s hungry?

Major: Debt

Students are told from a young age that the only way to get ahead is to go to college. And that’s bad advice, says writer Neil Swidey, in an interview with Jennifer Berkshire.

6 Signs Your Daughter is Dating Brock Turner

A difficult conversation with your daughter about her relationships can be awkward and uncomfortable, but it might just be the talk that keeps her safe.

The Best Commencement Speech This Side of a Google-less 1984

Wisdom isn’t about knowing everything—or searching for it on a smartphone—it’s about what you don’t know.

11 Tips Every College Freshman Needs to Know Now—Straight from Dr. V

Here it is, straight from the professor’s laptop and blog.

Why Trans Rights Nationwide Are Only A Matter Of Time

It took 15 years to bring about a sea change on same-sex marriage. Transgender equality nationwide is not only a matter of time, but it is likely to happen faster.

A Motivational Dad Struggles: How Do I Thrill My Brilliant Son About College?

Bill Douglas is motivational divorced dad who has inspired hundreds. He may be up against his greatest challenge: his son. How can he help the young man he admires most reach his full potential? Oh yeah, and the ex is not exactly helping.

The Effect Racist Rhetoric Has on Young Latinos, and Why All Americans Should Care

This year’s election and racists stereotypes has only added to the consequences of mobility for young Latinos.

Soccer Runs in the Family and the Field for Fabian Chaparro of Maroneck

“I don’t put my head down until the last whistle blows.”

Comment of the Day: ‘I realized there were lots of boys everywhere’

Did you remember your first crush?

I Saw a Fragment of My Former Self in The Music Scene

  Patrick J. Dalton sought stability in a life that required pure chaos to maintain. ___ Dedicated to Jorge Orsovay Each one of us may view our lives differently in hindsight as we age. The chronology may not be that smooth linear tarmac we had once so enthusiastically envisioned in our youth. Instead, when we […]

My Son the Graduate

Diane Lowman reflects on motherhood and how boys become men.

It’s Almost Like We Don’t Matter

Preventative maintenance has fallen through the cracks.

Spring Break, Young Men and a ‘Mad Roman Candle’

Michael Brennan remembers a crazy time and a crazier encounter.