How Has Martin Luther King, Jr. Inspired You?

A man asked his friends this simple question on social media and the responses are both eye-opening and heartwarming.

Urban Camouflage

Steven LaFond on coming to terms with white privilege — which gives him the ability to reinvent himself whenever he wants.

“The phrases ‘I don’t see race’ and ‘I’m colorblind’ are problematic because they assume there is something wrong with color.”

This is a comment by Jimbo on the post “”I Don’t See Race”: Racial Color Blindness and Eradicating Racism”.

Five Films That Changed the Game

The Seventies were a decade of smashing taboos in filmmaking: in dialogue, depictions of history, and the image of the leading man.

Dear John: My Neighbor Is A Pervert

Dear John addresses a guy next door watching porn, a girlfriend posing nude for art school, and a passive-aggressive neighbor.

Watch: This is What Happens When You Watch the Cinema

Cinema is next to godliness?

“If someone makes fun of my son because of the color of his oven, that person doesn’t get any cookies.”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “My Sons’ Easy-Bake Oven Shame”.

“Traditional gender roles breaking down threatens people’s self-concept and identity.”

This is a comment by Jonathan G on the post “My Sons’ Easy-Bake Oven Shame”.

“Our words influence the way we look at the world. For example: calling pink a ‘girly’ color.”

This is a comment by The_L on the post “Playing Hard to Get”.

“I purposely kept the gender unknown so my baby would NOT be pegged into a stereotype.”

This is a comment by alseeIT on the post “My Son Wears Pink, He’s Either Gay or a Girl Right?“ “”Since I had my son, I could have told why the color/gender divide exists. My own mother pressed and pressed to find out the sex so she could buy ‘the right clothes’. She recently commented on how […]

Games: Defend the Universe with Downloadable Voltron Game

Soon you’ll be able to join four other lions to kick Robeast butt on the most popular gaming consoles.

Why Is Pink Gay?

Put on a pair of pink Crocs, Steven Axelrod writes, and people will treat you differently.

Pink Wars

Dr. Damon Young asks that we free pink from its bondage to only one gender.