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But sometimes the hard things are also the necessary things.

What Being a Comedian Taught Me About Humility and Loss

Why one woman’s gratitude for his comedy routine was so sobering, and so welcome.

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How to Keep Your Kid Alive

Want your child to be happy? Then let them be themselves and don’t ever ask them to hide it.

Watch Disability Transform Into Talent

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As the world struggled to make sense of Robin Williams suicide, a friend asked stand-up comedian Kermet Apio if it’s true that comedians are sad people. This was his answer.

The Will Ferrell Story That Will Change The Way You Feel About Following Your Passions

Conflicted about following your passions? So was Will Ferrell. Here’s how Ferrell got the courage to pursue his purpose, and walk away from his dream, if he needed.

Marlon Wayans, Minding His Funny Business

Aiming to be the Bill Gates of comedy, Marlon Wayans is dreaming in living color while remaining color blind to his dream.

This Hilarious Video Knows What People Without Kids Don’t Know

You know your friends without kids that think they have all the answers? This video makes fun of them just like you do.

Young Comedian, Kevin Breel, Tells of his Struggle with Depression and Societies Unwillingness to Confront It (Video).

Student comedian, Kevin Breel, tells of his life with depression

“No one has ever responded to a comment like ‘Shut up, F*ck-face!’ with a sincere ‘Ah, I see your point now.'”

This is a comment by Mostly_123 on the post “Comedian Jim Norton: I’m Disgusted By Suggestions Lindy West Should Be Raped”.

Donald D’Haene DISHes with Comedian Elvira Kurt

Smart, funny, Canadian, and not to be confused with the late night Goth queen, Elvira Kurt talks about being a lesbian dad, whether London is gay, and how to be cool.

It Takes Balls: Confessions from Comedian and Unprepared Single Dad Josh Wolf

“Kids come first but if you don’t find time to have a few beers and see a naked woman or two, you’re going to be miserable which will make you a bad parent.”

Book of Job

My dad once had me prove I went to church by explaining that Sunday’s sermon.

Why Gilda’s Club Matters – And What I Want You To Do About It

Gilda was universally loved. She was known as a warm and caring person, and her early death from ovarian cancer in 1989 was shocking and terribly sad.