Comedian John Mulaney Fully Embraces His Weirdness

john mulaney made man

Paul F. Thompkins sits down with this young comedian you’re going to start hearing about a lot more.

Thank You For All You’ve Given Us Robin Williams

robin williams sized

With the discussion of the recent passing of comedy great Robin Williams and what his death might mean, let us not forget what his life taught us.

The Subway’s No.1 Charmer

Victor Vasquez

Inside the cramped and crazed subways of New York, a colorful conductor on the 1 train brightens commutes with off-script announcements.

Made Man Interviews: Aziz Ansari Drinks Cocktails and Makes Us Laugh Really Hard


Your weekend awesomeness hosted by Paul F. Thompkins, with one of the funniest dudes, Aziz Ansari. Plus, BONUS, Robert Kirkman!

One of The Truest Things I’ve Ever Read About Parenting

One of The Truest Things I've Ever Read About Parenting

Comedian Ron Funches explains the striking similarities between being a parent and taking care of someone on mushrooms while on mushrooms yourself

The Ethics of Race Comedy


Race humor be polarizing, intelligent … and good for society?

In Defense of Offensive Comedy


Eva Woods doesn’t like Seth MacFarlane’s dullwitted, offensive schtick. But she is glad that it exists.

Laugh Along with Our Favorite 2012 Videos from Jon Stewart


Giggle along with the 10 best videos from our favorite Daily Show comedian.

Mr. Johnson, You Have AIDS

Eddie Murphy

As a kid, I thought AIDS was just a joke. I know now that it’s not funny.

Stop Mocking Chris Christie about His Weight


Why is it okay to be cruel to conservative men?

Phil Collins Saved My Life


Phil Collins expressed the despair and emptiness of millions of listeners, and convinced at least one lonely teenager that his pain could also be channeled into something beautiful.

Louis CK and the Brilliantly-Crafted Feminism vs Comedy Joke

Screen Shot 2012-07-18 at 7.42.36 PM

Joanna Schroeder thinks feminists should take another look at the Louis CK joke that pits feminists against comedy.

Remember William Hung of American Idol fame, who became famous for his painfully bad version of Ricky Martin’s song ‘She Bangs’?

William Hung

This comment was by Marcus Williams on the Open Thread Discussion: What’s So Funny About That??

The 10 at 10


Tina Fey on cups of pee, Captain Kirk and astronauts, and a farewell to the founders of Jägermeister.

Why Wouldn’t Beautiful Women Be Funny?

courtesy of tirotourism via photobucket

There isn’t “man funny” and “woman funny”—there’s just funny, period. So save the asterisks for Barry Bonds’ homerun records.