Patton Oswalt’s New Special Comes to Comedy Central

patton oswalt

The funniest man in standup is back with a new special on April 6.

Meeting the Obamas [VIDEO]

Neal Brennan

Chappelle’s Show co-creator talks about meeting the President and First Lady.

Bill Cosby Back With New Special and Album

Bill Cosby Far From Finished

Cos’s stories of aging manhood are a delight.

Comedians You Should Know: Kyle Kinane


GMP Humor Editor Omar Shaukat takes a look at Kyle Kinane’s unrelenting vulnerability on stage

Comedians You Should Know: An Interview With Erik Griffin

Erik_Griffin_04_c (1)

GMP Humor Editor Omar Shaukat interviews comedian Erik Griffin on the inspiration and intentions of his stand-up comedy.

The Suicide of Kate Middleton’s Nurse – Should We Bully the Bullies?

AP Photo

Whether we’re talking about school bullies, Daniel Tosh, or the radio personalities who humiliated a nurse into suicide, the worst thing we can do is lose our own sense of empathy.

Let’s Imagine a World Where Women Cut Men’s D**ks Off

Screen Shot 2012-07-14 at 9.03.24 AM

Curtis Luciani and Cooper Fleishman imagine how rape jokes would be different were the gender roles in comedy reversed.

MAN-TO-MAN with Director Jason Woliner


Author and ad guy Mark St. Amant explains why writer/director/producer Jason Woliner is one of Hollywood’s good guys, and talks to Jason about chillaxing, bro-be-ques, and selling poison to children.

Has Anyone Ever Laughed at a Comedy Central Roast?

Mike Sorrentino, Donald Trump

As the Comedy Central roast reaches a new low with Charlie Sheen, Alan Siegel wonders how something so un-funny has stuck around for so long.

Watching Sports With Your Girlfriend


Did someone wiretap my living room?