Pronoun Do’s and Don’ts


What do you do when you’re not sure whether to say “he” or “she”?*

Unbelievably Bad Comics: Catching Up…


Ever wonder what a really bad case of the Mondays looks like?

Happy Jack Kirby Day!


Gone, but not forgotten, comic book legend Jack Kirby is remembered every year on August 28th. Happy birthday, sir.

Artists Expose the Truth About Family Violence With Moving Comic

Dickson Lam Ted Losson

Dickson Lam and Ted Closson’s stunning and honest comic about cycles of abuse comes from Lam’s childhood

Conflict Resolution: I Hope Words Work for Our Sons

charlie, brown, peanuts, graffiti, brick, block, fall, falling, nyc, i love ny

Teaching kids to solve conflicts by talking it out is great, but what happens when words don’t work? Carter Gaddis hopes for the best.

Make-a-Wish Turns San Francisco Into Gotham for Batkid

batkid, miles, make-a-wish

“I wish to be Batkid.” – Miles, age 5

#33: Long Night in the Club


The being ready is important and the delivering the best you can is even more important.

#31: Bamboo is Serene


A casual observation by my daughter reveals a little bit of the world through her eyes.

Even Smart Kids Do Stupid Things: The Plastic Knife


Carter Gaddis kick starts the first in a series on the never ending ways our kids hurt themselves and how we deal with the mini-me before us

Men Have Multiple Brains


Gint Aras makes a curious discovery while eating nuts.

Homophobia in the new ‘Walking Dead’?

Screen Shot 2012-07-11 at 9.26.11 PM

According to Towleroad, the 100th issue of The Walking Dead, introduces a new villain – Nagen – whose apparent sociopathy is indicated by his deep homophobia.

Great Moments in Greatness: Joss Whedon & Nick Fury [@samuelljackson @marvel #avengers]

Two powerful leaders of men and women take a moment to confer as disaster looms.

Movies: New Avengers Clip Almost Has Nick Fury Ask About Marcellus Wallace

Samuel L. Jackson shows some of why a man with no powers matters so much in Marvel’s team up.

Comics: Mister Terrific’s Last Hurrah, On Shelves Today [@ewrote @dccomics]

The last major market Black comic book with a Black writer bows out today, and we take a look.

Movies: @IdrisElba Steps Confidently Into New Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Production Photos

The British thespian stars in the Marvel minded movie sequel, bringing the pain and bright contacts.

Great Moments in Greatness: Vampire Suplex, Coming Right Up!

On the set of Blade 2, director Guillermo del Toro takes a moment to discuss things with Wesley Snipes.