GQ Covers Reveal How Women And Men Are Sexually Objectified—But In Very Different Ways

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Noah Berlatsky takes a look at how men and women are seen as objects.

Unbelievably Bad Comics: Balanced Meal


Ever wonder what the kids really want for Thanksgiving dinner?

Unbelievably Bad Comics: Infallible

JB Comic Top

Ever wonder why it seems like everyone wants a mustache?

Unbelievably Bad Comics: Do or Do Not

JB Comic Top

Ever wonder why there aren’t more Jedi?

Unbelieveably Bad Comics: Fun in Bed


This is why shopping lists and a sense of humor are so important for a good relationship.

Unbelievably Bad Comics: That Sinking Feeling


Ever wonder what the real reason for Legos is?

X-Men Gave Gay Teen the Courage to Confront His Teacher


After a teacher humiliates Nathan in front of the entire class, he finds a speech in an X-Men comic that inspires him to push back in his own way.

Unbelievably Bad Comics: Sweet, Sweet Victory

JB Comic Top

Ever wonder what your friends really want to do when their team wins?

Unbelievably Bad Comics: TUG!

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Lesson #229: Think before you “hide” the Halloween Candy.

Unbelievably Bad Comics: Keep. The. Door. Closed.

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Have you ever wondered what’s behind the door that doesn’t close…when it’s suddenly, inexplicably closed?

Unbelievably Bad Comics: Teamwork!

JB Comic Top

Ever wonder how some children seem to get through every defense an adult has?

Unbelievably Bad Comics: Slice and…

JB Comic Top

Could this be the Next Big Thing?

Unbelievably Bad Comics: Trading Up

JB Comic Top

Ever wonder what happens to those thoughtfully packed lunches?

Geeky Feminazis – A Comic


You hear these kinds of complaints from dudes all the time but to me it doesn’t make any sense.

The Ferguson Heroes (Comic)

Ferguson Heroes

Heroes are all around us, but especially in Ferguson.

Happy Jack Kirby Day!


Gone, but not forgotten, comic book legend Jack Kirby is remembered every year on August 28th. Happy birthday, sir.