Alex Gallo-Brown shares the difficult adventures of three generations of men in an Italian-American family.



Christopher Stephen Soden explores the uncertainty of queer youth–and perhaps youth in general–in this vivid poem.

Why Do Humans Adventure? A Man Paddles From Vancouver to Victoria to Find Out

SUP Vancouver Victoria

After watching a man SUP across Canadian waters, Raoul Wieland wonders what questions will guild him in his own life.



Christopher Nelson remembers “Bloody Knuckles”—and the disturbing things it taught us about manhood.



It’s not entirely clear who haunts Philip Clark’s coming-of-age poem more—the dead or the living.

Boyhood Could be the Best Coming of Age Movie Ever


Films about boys growing up have been done before, but none of them compare to Richard Linklater’s newest movie.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story and Learning to Live Better


The movie It’s Kind of a Funny Story has a message that Christian Clifton needed to hear.

The Giver and the Price of Being Human


The Giver is not just another movie based on a book for teens; it is an adaptation of a powerful story about the cost of living, a story that is experienced by everyone.

Does Privilege Make My Voice Illegitimate?

books b&w

Raoul Wieland tries to balance his natural-born privileges with his own sadness and feelings of being unmoored to any larger social issue.

What Does Shooting Wolves Have To Do With Rivers?

wolf photo by Todd ryburn

A Wisconsin teacher uses an essay about wolves to teach her students about empathy, environmentalism, and looking at all sides of a complex issue.

Defining Moments: They Can Get F*&^%ed

giant at the fair photo by orinrobertjohn

How can you escape an abusive past—a victim of bullying where no one believes you—without having those moments define you? One man’s story.

My Hometown: Rio Nido


My magic childhood in California that I spent among redwoods and blackberries will never leave me, even as I leave it.

Good-byes, Rituals, and Orange Creamsicles

Brain Trouts Mom

Brian Shea tells stories of his mom and his male friends, through the rituals that connected them all.

The Mask You Live In: Engaging the Masks Men Wear to Prove Themselves (Video)


Are boys and men are constantly trying to prove their masculinity? How can we, as a society, re-define masculinity so that boys and men can feel comfortable being themselves?

Elvis Presley, Prostate Cancer and Graceland

John Mchugh dances in front of Graceland

Dr. John Mchugh might not have been a true-blue Elvis fan, but the man touched him in some unlikely ways nonetheless.

An Open Letter About High School Bullies and Self-Medicating With Movies


Sean Hackett knows what it’s like to be uncool. He turned it into art. Here he helps a fellow underdog, also bullied.