Facebook: The End of Loneliness?


Why connecting on the social media site feels like a constant affirmation.

R. Kelly’s Son Jay Came Out As Trans, And His Mother Couldn’t Be More Supportive


The son of the infamous R&B singer has come out amidst intense media scrutiny. His mother has been by his side through it all.

A Mother’s Beautiful Letter of Love to Her Gay Son


Being a 13 year old boy is hard enough, but add being gay on top of that and I imagine the idea of coming out to your family could be terrifying.

Am I Losing My Queer Cred?


Justin Ropella navigates his queer identity now that he’s in an opposite-gender relationship.

The Kiss That Made It Ok to Be Gay [Video]


A foreign exchange trip to Ecuador when he was 14 changed Jason’s life.

My Nine Year Old Son is Gay


Lisa Keating of The Next Family, along with her son, shares what happened in their family when he told them he is gay.

WWE Wrestling Legend Pat Patterson Comes Out in Emotional Video

pat patterson

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legend Pat Patterson said, “For once in my life I’m going to be me now.”

Coming Out: My Loss and My Gain

coming out, LGBT Pride Month, bigender

Coming out redirects your life for the better by cutting out those that have no place in your story and by bringing those that truly love you closer to you.

His Clothes Aren’t In the Closet, and Neither is He

Saeed Jones. Memphis, TN

Saeed Jones remembers coming out to his mom in Memphis, TN.

The ‘F’-Word: Once Heard, Cannot Be Unheard

F-word, fag, faggot, LGBT pride month

I feel I speak on behalf of every single person that has dealt with these issues that it shouldn’t GET better, it should BE better from day one.

The Pink Marine: Fitting the Mold (Part 1)

the pink marine-Dawn in Nebraska-flickr

Halfway through boot camp Greg White learned that everyone there “came in with some feeling of being different.”

Why I’m an Out, Bisexual Dad

Me with my partner of 16 years.

Gabriel Weiss decided that being the best father he could be meant being open about his life, including his bisexuality.

I Am a Bisexual Man

No more hiding.

Tyler Omichinski has struggled with how to come out – to family, friends, and colleagues. And he’s decided that the time to stop hiding is now.

Experiencing a Parallel Transition From Inside the Closet

jr closet photo2 jjvincent

Jason Rozek’s partner is a woman, and he’s found himself in a curiously familiar place.

Coming Out Is More than Saying ‘I’m Gay’

Should being different matter?

Dillan DiGiovanni reminds us that coming out is a lot more complicated than saying a few words about yourself.

Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay In This Must-Watch Inspirational Speech (Video)


Ellen Page rocked the world over the weekend when she came out as a gay woman. Her words will hit you harder.