Why I’m an Out, Bisexual Dad

Me with my partner of 16 years.

Gabriel Weiss decided that being the best father he could be meant being open about his life, including his bisexuality.

I Am a Bisexual Man

No more hiding.

Tyler Omichinski has struggled with how to come out – to family, friends, and colleagues. And he’s decided that the time to stop hiding is now.

Experiencing a Parallel Transition From Inside the Closet

jr closet photo2 jjvincent

Jason Rozek’s partner is a woman, and he’s found himself in a curiously familiar place.

Coming Out Is More than Saying ‘I’m Gay’

Should being different matter?

Dillan DiGiovanni reminds us that coming out is a lot more complicated than saying a few words about yourself.

Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay In This Must-Watch Inspirational Speech (Video)


Ellen Page rocked the world over the weekend when she came out as a gay woman. Her words will hit you harder.

An Interesting Thing Happened On The Way To The NFL


Reaction to Michael Sam coming out says far more about his critics than it does about him.

Michael Sam Is Gay and Draftable: 4 Reasons GMs Should Move Him UP Their Boards

michael sam crop

Will Michael Sam go undrafted because he’s the first Div I college football player to come out as gay? Shawn Peters gives 4 reasons why that’d be a huge mistake.

The Top 21 Manliest Stuff on Planet Earth: Gay Edition

The Top 21 Manliest Stuff on Planet Earth: Gay Edition

Brent Almond challenges what it really means to be a “manly man” with this gay man’s list of the most masculine things on the planet

What Would Brian Boitano Do? Come Out, Apparently.

He won Gold 24 years ago. He's still relevant now.

Until yesterday, none of knew he was gay. No, you did not. JJ Vincent didn’t either.

Can Social Media Help Young Men Find Their Heart and Their Voice?

photo by dmjarvey

Whether it is being open about sexual orientation or how their day went, Jacob Nordby wonders if social media actually open doors for guys which they would otherwise not have?

A Girl Who Likes Boys Who Like Boys: The Joy of Dating Gay Men


Perhaps the only problem with dating gay men is that they’re gay.

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are—-Again, and Again, and Again

You Will Not Muzzle Me photo by Elvert Barnes

After years of being asked “Are you gay?”, Billy Flood thinks he has finally come up with the perfect response.

At Last, A Gay Country Hoedown.

Its better this way

Singer-song Doug Strahm produces a country music video about a construction worker hesitant to come out.

Let’s Talk About (Gay) Sex. Or Not.

Amsterdaym 1959 Rijksmuseum photo by uair01

JJ Vincent realizes we still live in a (relatively) heteronormative society. And all he wants is a place at the table to talk about the stuff guys talk about.

Thanks for Keeping It Real, DJ Mister Cee

Mister Cee article

The DJ’s candor about his sexuality is turning hip-hop attitudes upside down.

The Morning After Zach Came-Out, His Mom Left Him This Note.

mother and son

A mother supports her bisexual son, but still wants him to clean his room