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For Dads on Talking to Their LGBT Children….While They Are Still Children

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Kyle Kittleson mocks those who have painfully come out about their orientation as he lays out his reasons for supporting Donald Trump. His speculation on a world run by the “D” is here.

I Am Afraid No One Will Ever Love Me

Dr. Joe Kort answers painful questions from an 18-year-old man seeking the courage to come out and find love.

A Dad’s Coming Out—Seen Through His Eyes and His Daughter’s

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Deacon Costen’s Handclap Joy

Award-winning poet Cyrus Cassells explores the difficult intersections of faith, family, and sexuality.

Comment of the Day: ‘She’s still the same person, but I just know a little more about her.’

One reader responds to a fellow man whose wife came out as a lesbian.

I am Grateful My Doctor Made Me Come Out

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There’s No Such Thing As A Gay Soul

The notion that the soul of gay people is somehow different, or special, perpetuates a focus on our differences rather than how we are really the same.

What Coming Out Taught Me About Myself

Josh Friedburg is proud of his coming out, but also realized he needed to make some changes in his own mind.

A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Heterosexuals on National Coming Out Day

It is National Coming Out Day and Rob Watson pens a letter to the Heterosexual and Cis-gendered population. Here is why you need to care about what is happening with your fellow citizens on this day, a day that can or has changed their lives.

Sorry, Kid. Don’t Want You. You’re Gay.

Or bi, or questioning, or trans, or queer, or lesbian, or something else that “doesn’t fit”.