Comment of the Day: ‘We all deserve better.’

This comment was made by G on the post “What I Tell My Teenage Son to Say if He Has to Talk to the Police” by Thomas Roush.

Comment of the Day: ‘As a gay man myself …’

This comment was made by Liam on the post “I Never Would Have Guess He’s Gay!” by JJ Vincent.

Comment of the Day: ‘I don’t know about you, but I’m last on my priority list.’

This comment was made by Daniel on the post 11 Easy Ways to Actually Love Yourself More by Jordan Gray

Comment of the Day: ‘I am a 74 year old gay man, I have a lifetime partner of 54 years and we have been married 12 years this year.’

This comment was by Eric Osterberg in reply to the post “Gay and Muslim in America” by Tim Rymel.

Comment of the Day: ‘I’m in the first 2 modern versions of chivalry.’

This comment was by Mark on the post “Should Men Be Chivalrous Anymore” by Dale Thomas Vaughn.

Comment of the Day: “The more I slow down, the more I enjoy the present instead of craving the future.”

This comment was by Moritzio on the post “Why Life is Way Better With a Man Who Takes His Time.”

Comment of the Day: ‘Women have been trained, like men …’

This comment was by Mark in reply to the post “Surprise! Women Also Struggle with Emotional Expression” by Mark Greene.

Comment of the Day: “I have choices.”

This comment was by Paddy Murray on the post How to Recognize a Conscious Man by the Way He Loves.

Comment of the Day: “Let me talk about love. Maybe other factors too but just to make it simple, love.’

This comment was by Rog on the post “Why Men Experience Post O Regret” by Stephen Petteruti.

Comment of the Day: “I love you but I’m not IN LOVE with you is a cop out.”

This comment was by Lance on the post “What Do You Do When Your Wife Tells You She is Not in Love with You. And Doesn’t Want to Be.”

Comment of the Day: ‘Blue collar workers have never been treated as equal partners on an economic, political and social level.’

This comment was by G. on the post ‘Would You Idolize a Janitor?’

Comment of the Day: “All quite strange and wonderful.”

This comment of the day is by Frank Mundo on the post “What If You Had No Tomorrow?”

Comment of the Day: “The phrase ‘It doesn’t matter what society thinks of you’ only works for hermits.”

This Comment of the Day is by ballgame on the post “Men, Stop Letting the World Define You”.

Comment of the Day: “Life as a social event.”

This Comment of the Day is by Jason Gootman on the post “On Living to 100 and Beyond: 9 Things You Can Do Today.”

Comment of the Day: ‘She’s still the same person, but I just know a little more about her.’

One reader responds to a fellow man whose wife came out as a lesbian.

Comment of the Day: ‘Hey Good Men Project, how about some articles on these topics.’

This comment was by Michael Michalchik, on Facebook, in reply to the post “The Good Men Project: A Space for Nurturing Ideas.”