Comment of the Day: ‘I have no doubts my son looked at porn’

Is it really “too controlling” to discourage your kids from looking at porn?

Comment of the Day: ‘Thanks for giving your son respect’

Comment of the Day: ‘Thanks for giving your son respect’

Comment of the Day: ‘Two simple steps could transform every interaction’

Can we find a better way to connect with each other?

Comment of the Day: ‘Most ‘black’ people in America really aren’t ‘black.’

Who sets the definition for race?

Comment of the Day: Don’t use friendship as an excuse to reject advances.

Does a line in the sand between friendships and a deeper relationship send the wrong message to men.

Comment of the Day: ‘It is an act of love and respect to remember and use another person’s name when appropriate, whether or not love is involved.’

People love to hear their name.

Comment of the Day: ‘After my husband’s second affair, I realized that we were looking at all the wrong places.’

This comment was by Annah Elizabeth on the post If You Ever Use This Phrase Your Marriage is Probably Doomed by Steve Horsmon

Comment of the Day: ‘All my children’s cars are registered in my name.’

This comment was by Katy Kozy on the post 10 Things I Never Imagined I Needed to Say to My Teen Son by Marcia Kester Doyle

Comment of the Day: A woman that has all of these attributes is a very hard find.

This comment was by Bry on the post 12 Signs She’s the Type of Woman You Should Marry by James Michael Sama — A woman that has all of these attributes is a very hard find – and a man may very well waste his time trying to find this woman.. he might not find […]

Comment of the Day: This made me think quite profoundly about the kind of relationship my parents had

This comment was by Nicola on the post How to Not let Your Kids Destroy Your Intimacy by Michael J. Russer.

Comment of the Day: I think the capacity for love is partly personal.

This comment was by Dr. Graham Stevenson on the post The Tip of the Polyamorous Iceberg by Michael J. Russer.

Comment of the Day: I lost my father 23 years ago and I can relate to what you are talking about.

This comment was by William Dressyman on the post 7 Things I Wished I’d Said to My Dad by Anthony Smits

Comment of the Day: ‘When my girlfriend and I started going out, we found each other attractive …’

This comment was by Jack Davis on the post Why Boys Need To Have Conversations About Emotional Intimacy IN The Classroom by The Conversation US

Comment of the Day: Someone that accepts me as I am and can make me feel good increases my attraction to them

This comment was by Rupali on the post 11 Ways to Make a Woman Feel Loved by Vishnu Subramaniam

Comment of the Day: There seems to be an enormous number of truly odd ‘rules’ people have to live by

This comment was by Elle on the post I’m a Man With a Theatre Degree and I Take Baths by Steve Nazarian

Comment of the Day: I was painfully shy as a child but as an adult, I eventually learned to interact comfortably with anyone

This comment was by Becca on the post 7 Keys to Confidently Approaching and Meeting Her by Jason Rogers