Comment of the Day: “Are labels the real problem?”


The difference in not about the label, but rather the absence of fear.

Comment of the Day: “‘Man up’ should have a place in our speech, as should other ‘shaming’ language. Sometimes people ought to feel ashamed of themselves.”


This comment is by Alastair on the post “5 Reasons Why I Don’t Say the Words ‘Man Up'”

Comment of the Day: “I have a lot of problems with mainstream definitions of manliness.”


This comment of the day was by Philip on the post 5 reasons I don’t Say “Man Up”.

Comment of the Day: ‘There is no absolute law to use as a reference for measuring righteousness.’

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This comment was by Sasquatch on the post Moral Relativism vs. Cultural Relatism

Why IS there such a resistance to the idea of male beauty?

male beauty

This comment was posted by Carleton on Three Reasons Why Men Don’t Know They are Beautiful :

“At my age, if I need immediate gratification, all I have to do is look at my wife, my kids and grandkids…”

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This Comment Of The Day was by Tom Brechlin on the post Long Term Motivation in an Instant Gratification World

Comment of the Day: “23 years ago, the Man-Box won.”

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This comment was by bobbt on the post Stop Trying to Control Men! (Like the Met’s Daniel Murphy)

“How should a man handle himself when challenged?” Comment and Open Thread


This comment is by Sean, on the post Is Fighting a Part of Manhood

“Rape in prison has become a ‘second sentence’.”

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This comment was by Danny on the post “The Rape Joke Everyone Tolerates.”

“The only way to make money with a slot machine? Own one.”

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This Comment of the Day was by Ed on the post 7 Things Your Kids Don’t Need from You.

We woke up Monday morning and said ‘Let’s get this over with.’ — Comment of the Day

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This comment was on G+ by Joel Ferris in response to the post “Are Americans Spending Too Much on Weddings?”

“Men who enjoy more and higher quality sex have one thing in common. They don’t NEED it and they don’t try to GET it.”

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This comment of the day was by Steve Horsmon on the post The Unbelievable Secret to Getting More Sex

“If women are so enthralled by men’s looks, then how come romance novels don’t have pictures?”

romance novels

This comment of the day was by Introverted Playboy on the post “The Success Myth”

Comment of the Day: Why are braces considered ‘dignified’, but nose jobs or boob jobs ‘trashy and desperate’?

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This comment was by Ben Labe on the post Joe Biden and Ryan Braun: Performance-Enhanced Alpha Males

“Now that’s a luxury. Getting to pretend racism doesn’t exist.”


This comment is by i’mjustsayin on the post The Luxury of Invisible Privilege

“Trying to calm down someone throwing a tantrum over his pizza having incorrect toppings is not gaslighting.”

is it gaslighting or is it pizza

A handful of examples that explain what gaslighting is and is not.