Comment of the Day: “I realize after racist incidents how inept we often are as white people in truly having a conversation about race and racism.”

This comment of the day was by Andrew Pollom on the post “In the Spirit of John Brown: A Letter to White People After Charleston”.

Comment of the Day: “My perception of beauty has always been different from that of the men around me.”

This comment is from Theorema Egregium on the post “The Fatal Flaws of Pick-Up (And a Promising Alternative)”

“I had a bucket list at 17 years old.”

This comment was by Hell_on_Wheelz on the post “4 Ways Living in Another Country Will Change Your Life of the Better.”

Is The Good Men Project Charging for Content? No!

No! We are not charging for content! What we really want most is for you, our community, to have the chance to decide on the experience you want.

Is Morality Relevant? Commenter ‘The Wet One’ Responds to Tom Matlack

GMP commenter ‘The Wet One’ responds to Tom Matlack’s post ‘What Does Male Evil Look Like?’

“In fact, I live with multiple ghosts.”

This comment was by Luis Garrido on the post Can Men Live Alone?

“So yes I say, if you feel it, speak it, but always from a place of love.”

This comment was from by Ure P Auckland on Tom Matlack’s post Man Talk.

“Words Are A Very Poor Tool For Communication”

This comment was by MediaHound, in reply to Mark, on the post “Lobbing Grenades Is Easy. Forming Bridges is Hard. Do the Hard Work.”

“The Unreasonable Man”

This comment, from MediaHound to Liz was on the post “As Equals and as Friends: Amanda Marcotte’s reply to Tom Matlack.”

“Can you imagine how degraded the culture would be if it were populated by men who founded men’s websites dedicated to men asking themselves how to be better men?”

This comment by Michael Rowe was in reply to Tom Matlack’s post “Being a Dude is a Good Thing.”

A Commenter Talks About Ethics and Responsibility

“Responsibility is not something cut and dry. You can sit behind your computer and dish out all the moral idealism you want.”

Living With Borderline Personality Disorder

A response to Brandon Marshall revealing his battle with BPD.

Should You Leave a Facebook Comment?

Someone in your Facebook network just posted some important news. Uh oh. This is big—life-changing, even. What do you do? Follow this flowchart.