Comment of the Day: ‘Most ‘black’ people in America really aren’t ‘black.’

Who sets the definition for race?

Comment of the Day: I felt scared at the thought of ‘starting again’

This comment was by Terry Tyler on the post Do A Single Mother’s Children Make Her Less Attractive?

Kindness and Compassion can be just as Viral as Negativity and Rudeness

Are the days of etiquette long gone in the Webiverse?

But Where Do Men Go From Here?

“Men need to strive for authenticity, not femininity.” Inside the conversation at The Good Men Project

Comment of the Day: I Love My Daughter and Son Differently, Too

Why do dads feel guilt because they may view their love of their sons differently then what they do with their daughters?

Friday Reader Tweets of the Day

See what our readers are saying about us on Twitter!

Comment of the Day: “Do too many choices paralyze people?”

Are we faced with so many choices that it’s hard to decide what to do with our lives?

Comment of the Day: “..relationships, personal growth, coping with uncertainty…”

In our rapidly changing world, should parents be advisers to their children?

Comment of the Day: “I was stuck in an abusive friendship…”

You can leave yourself behind for another person before you realize you’ve done it…

Men Conversing Rationally, Something Needed More In Online Comments Sections

When a female teacher gives a fifteen year old a lap dance, you’d expect the news story itself to be the most disturbing part. You would be wrong.

Don’t Read The Comments

Reading internet comments is driving me insane, and we only have our news organizations to thank for it.

What I’ve Learned About Real Life From Writing Online

I’ve written over 400 articles and blogs over the past three years. It’s been great practice for my writing — and great to help me keep my ego in check too.

Governor Brown Signs Trans Students Bill of Rights

s.e. smith triumphs in California’s progress, but admits there is a substantial amount of work needed for the LGBTQ community.

The Haircut Test

Steve Axelrod got a haircut. And what people say to him about it—or don’t say—says it all.

My 100th Post on Business Issues (And 6 Things I’ve Learned Along the Way)

“The blog became part writing exercise, part wish-fulfillment, and part therapy. It also caused me to talk less to our dog when I was having a particularly slow day on the word processor, which I am not sure she misses.”

Emily Hartridge Learns Not to Read the Comments

In the new video by Emily Hartridge, the very funny host recognizes that the worst thing you can ever do to yourself is read your comments… but she does it anyway!