Do You Want To Write, Or Do You Want To Be A Writer?


Been dreaming of that great story you want to write? Maybe it’s time to stop dreaming and start writing.

Looking for Mr. Right…Now


Caryn DeVincenti shares her story of her search for love, and comes to unexpected conclusions.

This Ain’t Your Father’s Marriage

father's marriage

The Good Men Project invites you to submit a post and join a changing conversation about men, marriage, and commitment.

When Partners Say They’re Leaving, Don’t Ignore Them.

Don't ignore them

Heather Gray helps you find the middle ground between ignoring your partner’s pain and shouldering the blame.

Why Communities Must Encourage Black Fathers to Commit to Marriage


Rachel Miller-Bradshaw discusses the positive impact of fathers committed to marriage in the Black community

“Difficulties can be managed by two people who care for one another”


What Men Are Saying When They Talk About Intimacy

What Men Are Saying When They Talk About Intimacy

spider web

For men to fully connect in relationships, we need to release them from the double bind they encounter when discussing intimacy.

The 21st Century Woman: How To Better Understand What She Really Wants


Men, allow me to introduce you to the 21st Century Woman.

“Amazing Life Together”: Liz and Ryan’s Story


Lovementary documents a romance between a beautiful couple who are dedicated to keeping their relationship and others’ relationships strong and full of love.

An Open Letter to my Future Wife: How I Plan to Make you Happy Every day of Your Life

wedding dance-Donna Boley-Flickr

Let this letter be a promise to you that I will do my best to be the man I want to be for you.

Sex, Marriage, and a Fear of Intimacy

fear of intimacy

Richard Nicastro knows that sex and intimacy are not the same thing. If you can answer his tough questions, your sex life will be hotter and you’ll feel more connected to your partner or spouse.

After the Affair: Quieting the Movie In Your Mind

quieting movie

After you’ve been betrayed, a tape starts to play in your head. On repeat. Amy Daves offers guidance on changing the channel.

“Women seeking married men for noncommittal sex. OK?”


Top 4 Reasons Why Some Single Women Go After Married Men

One Man’s Instruction to Another Man Before He Speaks his Wedding Vows

Patrick Finnegan, with words to his friend.

Love: It’s Never Easy


Love is a continual decision we make and lesson we learn when we wake up and face a new day. Together.

How We’re Just Like the Rest of You

big heart

The work of Purple Sherbet Photography inspired JJ Vincent to show y’all how he and his partners are just like the rest of you.