Managing Crazy: 4 Tips For Sanity While Parenting a Child With a Chronic Illness

managing crazy with sick child

Jenny Glick is a therapist but these are lessons she’s learned as a married mom of a son living with diabetes.

Three Ways to Strengthen Your Family

successful parenting

Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin doesn’t think your relationship should come second to parenting. Taking care of your relationship will make you a better parent.

Affair Repair: Four Ingredients for Healing After Betrayal

affair repair

Amy Daves specializes in helping couples recover from betrayal. She simplifies this painful process into bite-sized pieces.

Here’s How We Remain Consciously Coupled


Lauren Lobley was afraid of falling madly in love. Now, she and her husband are happy and in love. What’s their secret?

Great Sex Doesn’t Happen When You’re Sitting Still

Great sex

Dan Bolton knows the secret to better sex. Hint: You’ll have to move.

The Best Things About Married Sex

sex, marriage, couples, commitment, love

Of course, there’s a lot to like about sex, but when it comes to committed relationships, the potential for intimacy really stands out.

Should Couples Share Finances?

photo by byebyempire

Chris Hicke argues for couples to have both a joint account and separate accounts when looking at overall finances. What do you think?

Marriage Is Meant To Be Addictive, Not Disposable

Marriage is Addictive

Richard Norris wants you to know that marriage is an investment. Your commitment will determine your return on your investment.

“How can anyone have an actual relationship while sexting others?”


This comment by Justin on the post “I miss You. U Wanna Meet Up?”: Breaking Up with Our Sexters

“I Miss You. U Wanna Meet Up?”: Breaking Up with Our Sexters


Kristie Christie tells the story of the time that she and her now husband, David, broke up with their sexters and flirt-texters in the name of creating space for real life intimacy.

Loving Him, With His Cracked and Bleeding Hands

Greg Sherl B&W

Living with OCD is not really living, and more than anything, Greg wants to live.

The C Word

Susie and Otto Collins, Commitment, Good Men Project, Relationships, Being with Someone Forever

Susie and Otto Collins explain how to navigate the treacherous waters of commitment.

100 Words on Love: We Share a Life


You carry me. And sometimes, I carry you.

The Case Against Over-Thinking

engagement rail road tracks

Jack Christian discovers that over-thinking romantic engagement will lead you to the realization that the person you love could totally ruin your life.

Sticking Around to the Finish—No Matter How Annoying It Is

marriage with children, marriage, new baby, difficulties with growing family, growing family, commitment, committing to family, committing to wife, committing to kids

Paul Steinmetz thinks about what it means to be committed as a husband and as a father

“Would you stay with your wife/girlfriend if she had a tragic accident like this?”

love story

Tweet   This comment by Luzy on the post A Love Story In 22 Pictures Would you have stay with your Wife/Girlfriend if she had a tragic accident like this? I lot of people won’t men or women. This has nothing to do with being less feminist or more. This is LOVE. Maybe start believing in […]