The Love Language of Anger

angry man and woman

Three ways we can express ourselves with love, even when we’re angry.

5 Secrets to Successful Communication When in Conflict


Trish Everett explains how to communicate so you and your partner can rise above the conflict and both get your needs met.

Stop Jumping To Solutions – Why Listening Like a Man Is Killing Your Sales

selling cameras

8 Keys to breaking this habit and improving your sales (and your love life.)

Men, 3 Tips to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

man emotional photo by Jagerroos

Healthy emotional intelligence in relationships can be a difficult challenge for men. Here are some ways to help!

Starting a Business Almost Ended My Marriage


They had just gotten married, and both had good jobs. Life was good until he decided he wanted to start a business—that decision almost ended their marriage.

Being One of the “Lean In” Men

You never know what will happen when you try something new.

Shadley Grei learned a lot more than he expected when he gave in and read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In.

The Seven Deadly Sins of a Relationship


Leo Babauta is back. Here, the married writer/lifestyle guru gives advice on what not to do in a relationship.

My Girlfriend Denies Facebook-Stalking Her Ex

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 1.08.04 PM

A man asks Eli and Josie for help when he suspects his girlfriend is Facebook-stalking her ex.

Why Men Don’t Always Want Sex

Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 9.12.46 PM

Believe it or not, men are not always in the mood. Sex educator Ken Melvoin-Berg helps turn this unfortunate situation into an opportunity for exploration and fun.