When Parents Say That…We Kids Feel Like This

a ear

13yr old Xavier aims to clear up meanings lost in translation from parents to kids

5 Tips For Traveling With Your Loved One


Travel, especially international travel, can cause friction between even the strongest of couples. Here are a few tips to help avoid the friction and ease it when it comes.

9 Ways Dads Can Contribute to Raising Strong, Confident Girls


Protect and provide for your daughter in a way that will help her reach her highest potential.

Create Deep Connections Online, Not Just In Person [Video]

VMG Meeting 588

Do you worry about your lack of connection because you are always online? In this video Graham Phoenix talks about his life in a remote part of Spain and how he uses virtual connections to create deep connections.

It’s All in How You Respond


“Often we are OK with impartial feedback, but the real challenge for me in my marriage was learning to be OK with—and respond positively to—feedback from my wife.”

Throw Away Your Old Dating Checklists!


John Stephens believes we need to end the gender dichotomy if we want better relationships. Here’s what he thinks a new checklist should look like.

This is Not My America


Lost to America is the ability to compromise, which once made us the greatest of nations. Doug Zeigler wonders if we can ever regain the empathy for others that we once revered.

5 Paradoxical Habits of Truly Charismatic People


It’s really all about respect.

” Don’t expect a guy to be your girlfriend…”

Sharing feelings

How To Listen So That Men Will Keep Talking

‘Letters of Note’ and What’s Worth Remembering


After reading Letters of Note, Brian Shea discusses the power and depth of the lost art of handwritten letters

How To Listen So That Men Will Keep Talking

how to listen

Bryce Mathern has six strategies for being present when a man is opening up.

10 Talking Points to Avoid Sounding Like Charlie Brown’s Teacher

Charlie Brown

Ben Stich was challenged by a GMP reader to offer tips for talking that would make partners want to tune in. Challenge accepted.

The 21st Century Woman: How To Better Understand What She Really Wants


Men, allow me to introduce you to the 21st Century Woman.

Thinking Beyond the Fear: Dealing with a Sexually Active Daughter

always kiss- Www.CourtneyCarmody.com-flickr

After a recent story of the shooting death of a boy in Texas, Orin Hahn discusses how important communication between a father and a daughter is.

What Are The Non-Negotiables In Your Relationships?

omhand by edie

“Who you allow into your life, mind and heart are among the most important decisions you will ever make.”- Bryant McGill

“They’ll All Turn On You Eventually!” Why I Still Care About Being Politically Correct


Ferrett Steinmetz keeps being told that you can never be perfect enough for “the PC police”. If he were trying to be perfect, that might matter.