How Assertive Communication Can Save Your Relationship

Assertive Communication by Counselor Carl

Counselor Carl explains the four communication styles and shows how assertiveness is the key to avoiding dysfunctional dynamics. Which one are you?

5 Things Men Want Their Wives and Girlfriends To Know (But Might Not Tell You)


A husband shares insights into what a guy might be thinking when he’s quiet.

The Marriage Mistake Almost Everybody Makes


If you are considering marriage, you have to take to heart this truth: Accept your partner as is, or don’t get married.

What Older Men Want Young Men to Know about Love


Why listen to the old guys? Well, they’ve accomplished something very difficult — a fulfilling marriage that’s twice as long as some of you have been alive.

16 Steps to a Long, Happy, and Passionate Relationship

16 steps lasting relationship

One of the most precious joys of life is to share it with the one you love.

1-Minute Relationship Mastery: Learning to Wait

1 Minute Relationship Mastery by zaneology

“If communication is the Superman of relationships, then ‘right now’ is kryptonite.”

How to Complain Without Hurting Your Partner

How to Complain by Gottman

All partners complain about each other’s behavior. But successful couples know how to make their points without making each other miserable.

Hitler And Hyperbole


Believe what you want to believe and make your arguments. But let the merits of your ideas carry you to victory rather than the toxicity of your exaggerated venom.

Why Aren’t My Friends, well… Friends Anymore?!


Lately, my friends have been slacking. They have not been on top of their friend game at all.

Silence is Violence

silence is violence

John Pavlovitz explains how the silent treatment adds worse insult than injury to a person. It adds invisibility.

So Many Questions. Just One Answer.

dating questions answered

Do you call? Do you text? How soon is too soon? The dating question doesn’t matter. Heather Gray’s answer is the same.

What 100 People Said Their Ideal Love Life Looks Like

Couple At Sunset Kissing Themselves

Jordan Gray interviewed fifty men and fifty women about what their ideal love lives would look like. Here’s what they had to say. —– I recently asked 50 men and 50 women a simple question regarding their ideal love lives. I asked them to each complete a single “sentence stem” five times. That sentence stem […]

Why This Couple Started a Podcast About Sex Together


Natalie Vartanian and Bob Schwenkler can’t have kids with each other so they decided to create a podcast about sex instead.

Toxic People: 12 Things They Do and How to Deal with Them

toxic people

“Being able to spot their harmful behavior is the first step to minimizing their impact. You might not be able to change what they do, but you can change what you do with it.”

How to Maintain Friendships Through Challenging Times

How to Maintain by wellcast

Holding onto friendships can be hard, especially during transitions, and especially for men. Wellcast a 4-step method for staying bonded.

#SpermGuilt OR Gender Disappointment


Diplomacy, it seems, is practiced by moms and dads. But what happens when you’re the one who has to be the diplomat?