One Practice That Saves More Relationships Than Anything Else


Jordan Gray says that you can save yourself years of frustration, heartache, and confusion by adopting this one relationship practice.

12 Tips on How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship While Traveling For Work

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Frankie Rendón on how to keep the romance alive even while you’re miles away.

4 Benefits of Serving Your Spouse

The Benefits by Flora Henderson

Mike Berry shares four secrets for serving up a successful marriage.

Six Reasons I Don’t Need to Know Everything My Husband is Thinking Right Now


This couple has gotten through the hard times by learning what works for them. — My husband and I have a good marriage. Sure, we’ve had our hard times (plenty). And we don’t always communicate the best, despite 21 years of marriage. We still drive each other crazy when it’s his turn to drive and […]

L.E.A.P into Whole-Brained Communication


How to improve communication skills between left brain and right brain employees to create a whole-brained approach

How to ‘C’ Your Way to a Letter Perfect Relationship

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Successful coupling is as easy as remembering your ABC’s … and you can skip A and B.

7 Ways to Help Increase Your Spouse’s Self-Esteem


There are things every guy can do to help the self-esteem of the woman they love. — I remember fondly when my wife first started telling me I was her hero. It was because I captured a mouse that had terrified her and ran into a closet of our house, so I came to her […]

How Your Favorite Weapon Disarms You

People having an argument

There is one defense that feels good in the moment, but is actually robbing you of your personal power.

Is Your Love Tank Filled Up? (and Why Your Relationship Depends on It)

How can you expect to be good for your partner if you can’t be good for yourself? _________ In this video, we talk about how to notice when your tank is running low, what happens when you are tapped out, why it is so important to fill back up – both for your own sake and the […]

5 Traits of a Lasting Marriage


The stats on lasting marriages these days is pretty grim. These traits can help your marriage beat the odds. — Marriage is tough work. If you have been married any length of time, you will completely understand this statement. One thing I have learned in nearly fifteen years of marriage is this: forgiveness and communication […]

The Art Of Conversation

Conversation is about stories, and treating those stories as the precious gifts they are.

Better Communication Can Save Your Relationship


Stop assuming you have all the answers and pay attention to non verbal cues. These are just a few of the ways to have better communication in relationships. Harris O’Malley shows us more.

The Art (and Science) of Making Great First Impressions


The majority of communication is non-verbal. Here’s how to change the trajectory of your life by understanding how to make a great first impression.

5 Secrets to Successful Communication When in Conflict


Trish Everett explains how to communicate so you and your partner can rise above the conflict and both get your needs met.

How to Share Your Unpopular Opinion (Without Being a Jerk)

share your opinion without being a jerk-harris o'malley

Harris O’Malley reminds us that having a conflicting opinion isn’t a problem, but being an a**hole is.

This Man Has Been Given One Million Dollars to Listen to You

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If someone gave you one hour of their undivided attention, what would you tell them about yourself?