The Hard Truth Behind Marriages that Last

secret to lasting marriage

There isn’t a list of things that these couples do differently. There’s one difficult thing they choose to accept.

How Do You Talk With Your Partner About Sex?

Talk Sex With Partner by Kait Scalisi

Sex educator Kait Scalisi says embrace the awkward and ask for what you want with these easy tips.

5 Rules For Talking With Your ‘Tweenage’ Daughter


Aaron Saufley explores the intricacies and true meanings of conversations with his ‘tweenage’ daughter.

Why No One Understands You, And What You Can Do About it

why no one understand you

Give people the information they need, writes Craig Playstead. Otherwise, things can end very badly.

How Having Integrity Can Keep Your Marriage From Crumbling

integrity - mike berry - getty

View image | Actually doing what you say you will do is a big deal, regardless of how big or small the occurrence is. — I realized that I had blown it. A few days ago I told my wife I was going to do one thing but then did something different. If I […]

5 Things a Woman Really Wants

5 Things Woman Wants by Jenny Kanevsky

Jenny Kanevsky reveals five things a woman wants in a romantic relationship.

The Man You Need to Be to Have the Relationship You Want

How men get relationship they want

Steve Horsmon knows it can be done and shows you how.

Back-to-School Transitions for Children of Divorce

Back to School After Divorce by Jenny Kanevsky

How to help your kids ease into a new routine when there are now two households.

10 Things Successful Modern Families Do Differently

10 Things by Evil Erin

Family therapist Quentin Hafner pinpoints 10 characteristics of modern families that keep them happy, healthy, and hanging together.

Talk to Me When You’re Not ‘Fine’: I’m Just a Guy, Not a Mind Reader


No matter how well you know your partner, they can’t read your mind. Read on for ways to open up together.

How Sex Isn’t the Only Form of Infidelity in Relationships These Days


Ongoing love demands we remain vulnerable and free, that we pay attention to our partner. So put your phone down and dial into what’s in front of you.

Your Partner Wants Rough Sex (So Ask Her About It)

talk to her

Society is quick to punish female sexuality, instead of embrace or celebrate it. Your partner might be ashamed or embarrassed to tell you what they really want in bed, so start the conversation and ask her.

“My Friends Think I’m Cheating But It’s Just Sex.”

no strings attached

Heather Gray gets real: No strings attached sex cuts the strings attached between you and your boyfriend.

5 Questions to Ask Your Partner for Better Sex

Messages Image(214258566)

Jordan Gray says that sex doesn’t get talked about enough. Start with these five questions and your love life will improve overnight.

The Simple Way to Get What You Want

how to get what you want

Whether it’s asking your love to find more time for you or getting the kids to clean their room, this is how to get what you want.

Four Ways We Dodged Divorce

4 ways dodged divorce

Adam Davis and his wife brought their marriage from the brink. Here’s how.