Comment of the Day: ‘I need to look at how I talk to my husband’

It is easy to pass our frustrations and fears onto others and takes work to break that way of thinking.

Disabled and Dating

Communication in any relationship is the key to finding love.

How Defining a Relationship for My Only Son Helped Me Clarify My Own Relationship Fears

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17 Lessons I’ve Learned From 17 Years of Marriage

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Creating Accessibility of Thought

This may be the holy grail of communication.

The Difficulty and the Gift I Carry Toward Death

I don’t always like the way you do things or how you treat me, and I want us to talk with candor about our feelings.

Love Bites: 6 Steps To Avoid Hurting Our Partners When Fighting

The reptilian brain makes communication challenging when emotionally stressed. Kyle Benson shows us how to work with this beast.

We are not Okay Even When we say we are Great

When we lie about our feelings, are we being polite or missing an opportunity to connect?

How to Have the Same Fight Differently

Engaged couples are told their first fight is the one that they’ll have over and over. Here’s the solution.

The Upside of a Broken Home: 14 Surprising Lessons I Learned From Divorce

We love our children and we fear we will mess up their lives in some way. I hear this fear
voiced over and over again: “I don’t want to hurt my children with a divorce.”

How Can I Make Commitment Less Scary For Him?

When a guy’s instinct is to shut it down and run, there is something women can do to help him slow down.

Comment of the Day: ‘Reassure your kids that you love them’

Helping our children through a crisis requires open lines of communication, love, and support.

Belly Full of Bees

Grant Clauser reflects on how hard it can be to communicate love in the human world.

A Conversation Not Often Heard: An Honest One

Social worker, David Shaw is familiar with men who lie. He shares the value of honest communication.

How to Respond When She Mocks Me in Public

The “Idiot Husband” jokes are nonsense. Here’s how to respond when you’re the butt of her jokes.

Your Soulmate Will Always Cause Problems

When looking for perfect compatibility we may be overlooking priceless gems. Kyle Benson shows us the value of accepting imperfection.