How (And Why) To Become A Fabulous Listener

Whether at work or at home, listening is the key skill you need to improve your relationships. ___ Listening is a bit like intelligence—most everyone thinks they’re above average, even though that’s impossible. And listening is a skill you want to be great at. A recent study conducted at George Washington University showed that listening […]

Communication and High Conflict Divorce

Arianna Jeret swaps thoughts and tips with Dwight Hurst on The Broken Brain Podcast.

An Open Letter to the Woman I Want

Patrick Sallee writes what he wants the next woman in his life to hear, even if he can’t articulate it in person.

Climbing the Ladder of Inference with Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli as an example of understanding assumptions and suspending judgement to improve leadership and overall workplace effectiveness.

Fixing the #1 Couples Communication Problem

Please tell me what you want, not what I have to do.

The Friend Zone: Type I and Type II

Verbal vs. Non-verbal Communication

Long Distance Dates: How to Date Your Partner 3,000 Miles Away

Long-distance relationships are hard — for a lot of reasons. But a lack of date ideas doesn’t have to be one of them.

Eye Rolling And Stonewalling Will Kill Your Marriage

What’s in a look? The end of your marriage–that’s what.

5 Ways to Change the World When Both You and Your Partner are Triggered

Jordan Kozey says couples should master conflict in relationships instead of avoiding it.

Being Authentic Is True Leadership

In this world of spin-doctoring, impression management, and controlled messaging, knowing where someone stands is quite a victory.

Why Most Marriage Advice Today Gets It Wrong

Heather Gray thinks we tell people what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear.

5 Traits of a Lasting Marriage

The stats on lasting marriages these days is pretty grim. These traits can help your marriage beat the odds. — Marriage is tough work. If you have been married any length of time, you will completely understand this statement. One thing I have learned in nearly fifteen years of marriage is this: forgiveness and communication […]

53. What’s In A Number?

As Rick Gabrielly turns 53, the age his father was when he unexpectedly passed, he remembers his father and promises to use the gifts his father gave him to live every day fully.

How to Help Your Man Make You Happier in Bed

August McLaughlin offers advice for couples on how to enhance connection, intimacy, and pleasure.

The Hard Truth Behind Marriages that Last

There isn’t a list of things that these couples do differently. There’s one difficult thing they choose to accept.

How Do You Talk With Your Partner About Sex?

Sex educator Kait Scalisi says embrace the awkward and ask for what you want with these easy tips.