The Sting of Gossip is Such a Nasty Thing


Let’s put a stop to this hurtful behavior.

12 Christmas Stress Tips To Get You Through The Holidays

Is That Real?

Dr. Steve gives us some tips on how to chill during the holiday rush – without taking drugs!

7 Signs You Should Break Up With Them

Kiss Forehead Couple Love

Jordan Gray offers up seven tips to help you realize that it’s a lot simpler than you think it is.

When She Uses Your Feelings as a Weapon


“Let her know how I feel? Are you crazy? The last time I did that, she threw it in my face the very next time we had an argument. I felt like a fool for letting my guard down with her.”

50 Things Your Kids Don’t Know About You


Why knowing your story can help your children find their way.

7 Signs You’re In The Right Relationship

romantic dinner

Myke Macapinlac says that your values, past, and communication determine a lot about whether or not they’re the right one for you.

10 Tips For Fighting Fair(ly)

Fighting with Love

Steven Lake examines practical ways of being that help in managing conflict with your partner. Not always easy, but well worth it.

She Cries, He Shuts Down. Why?

when she cries

Richard Gatley reminds us that men do feel emotions but often lack the training to express them.

10 Cliches Not to Say on a First Date


There’s of lot of advice for what to do on a first date. Eric Santos offers a list of “please don’ts”.

How Can I Tell Him How I Feel Without Nagging?


He cheated and now she’s struggling with trust. Alexis Meads guides a GMP reader out of this tricky situation.

10 Lessons for a Lifetime Marriage

ellory wells

“If you go into a marriage thinking you’re going to change the other person, you’re setting yourself up for failure.”

3 Things I Want You to Know About Asperger’s Syndrome

3 Things I Want by TORLEY

Matthew Rozsa shares his experience and perspective to help “neurotypicals” understand high-functioning autism.

Pathways to Being Good

broken path

How can a man get from the mud to the stars?

Marriage Confession: 3 Things I Do Wrong, 3 Things I Do Right


Tor Constantino shares 3 things he continues to do wrong—as well as 3 he does right—that have helped his marriage last two decades.

Keep Your Home Safe from Patriarchy


Let’s plan to keep this fox out of our love.

How To Explore Your Sexuality Within A Relationship

Jordan Gray says that a little bit of planning and communication will pay dividends in helping your sex life thrive.