Changing the Community Together


American Moroccan cross-cultural communication and teamwork for a better tomorrow

“I Have a Voice” – This Mural Painted By Young People Will Take Your Breath Away


Gorgeous work by hopeful young artists adds images from the community to brighten its streets.

A Hug a Day Keeps the Sad Away!


No matter what type of day you are having, this snappy little tune and cute video shows us the importance of “hugging it out!”

How to Stop a Shooting Before it Happens


You start changing and changing and changing and you become something better. Don’t think you can’t do it.

A Chaotic Christmas: One Family’s Tradition

christmas chaos

A fire house packed full of relatives and friends is a recipe for good memories, no matter how random things become!

Is Your Emotional Tap Welded Shut?

dirty tap

Shortage of conversation about respectful relationships is a primary factor in deeper world problems. Don’t shirk responsibility to communicate, deal with it assertively.

How Did the Village Agree on Time?


A brief survey of the bells a community uses to agree on time.

Seed Bombs Make You a Ninja Gardener [Video]


See that spot?! The soil is perfect for some free food. Get the seed bombs and sling shot ready!

How to Build a Community: The Difference Between 10,000 Strangers and 10,000 Engaged Activists.

photo by jorislouwes

Lisa Hickey offers six ways to think about community building, and 16 ways to start building.

George Zimmerman: The Tragic Limitations of Situational Awareness

Screen Shot 2012-04-26 at 9.49.36 AM

Mark Greene believes Americans need to rely less on guns and more on situational engagement.