Appreciating the Doctor in Early Modern Britain

What was the position of the practicing doctor within the seventeenth-century community?

My Life Starts on 2K15

Kat Secaida found a place where she could be herself, and it changed her life.

The Biology of Leaving Church

Leaving church is more than walking away from something. It’s walking away from someone. That’s why we feel it so deeply, good or bad.

An Online Forum Opened My Eyes to an Active Gay Community I Never Knew Existed

The best thing about online dating might just also be its worst.

This Heartfelt Video Of Gay Seniors Giving Advice Will Make Your Monday

A group of older gay men and women sat down to talk about their lives, their struggles, the things they’ve learned over the years, and the advice they’d like to offer gay youth of today.

2 Chainz Surprises Single Mother and Veteran With Christmas Miracle

With “Dabbing Santa” sweater sales skyrocketing, Rapper 2 Chainz charity foundation spreads Christmas cheer, brings hope to families in need.

Let’s Hear It For The (Frat) Boys!

Throw the stereotypes out the window. These fraternity brothers are compassionate, caring and community minded.

You Are Not Alone: Even Attorneys Can Be Depressed

The effects of Depression are debilitating and no one is immune. Stephanie Mitchell Hughes wants everyone to get the help they need.

Raising a Troubled Teen? Stop Helicoptering

It’s important to recognize how being a helicopter parent can backfire. Instead, learn how to protect your rebellious teen.

Comment of the Day: “Life as a social event.”

This Comment of the Day is by Jason Gootman on the post “On Living to 100 and Beyond: 9 Things You Can Do Today.”

When Things Change in an Instant: The Attacks on Paris

How can we make sense of the attacks?

The 6 Pillars of Masculinity for The Modern Renaissance Man

Each man chooses how to live and define his life… I don’t think there is one correct way to be a man. However, in my observation, the best men are aware of their efforts to balance out these multiple areas of their lives.

If It’s Lonely at the Top … Go Fill the Damn Moat

How to shift your perspective, dump the gloom, and become less lonely by re-engaging and igniting your relationships.

Men: The Vulnerable Titans

The more I’ve witnessed everything that humans are capable of, the more I feel assured that human beings are the vulnerable Titans.

The Evolution of Same-Sex Love in Country Music

Country radio is often characterized as a timid artistic wasteland, and not without reason. But country’s increasing connection to pop has perhaps given it a bit more flexibility in regards to gender and sexuality than it once did.