10 Reasons I Love Jameson Irish Whiskey


Cameron Conaway used to occasionally ask for Jameson when he wanted whiskey. Now it’s his top choice. Here are a few reasons why.

For Black Men Who Seek Greatness When Doing Good Isn’t Enough

Black men City Hall

BMe Community is accepting nominations for the 2014 BMe Leadership Award. Do you know a few good black men?

These Break Dancers are More Than Just Flashy Moves

Project Positive 2

Post arrest, Project Positive founder Damon Holley sets sights on new markets.

Self-Arazzies Are Trending Wildly. Here’s Your Take.

1 David Goldfarb 1

What do you get when you combine Selfies, Paparazzi and a dose of Fight Club? The Self-Arazzie, of course. Here are the highlights from our community.

You Probably Don’t Practice the Most Important Skill in Life

handshake, social, connection, statue, social excellence, social animal,

You are a SOCIAL animal. So why accept social mediocrity?

The Spirit of St. Patrick’s Day: The Keys to Life (and a Good Night Out)

Jameson 2

Sometimes a visit to the pub is more than that. It’s a lesson in friendship, craftsmanship, and sincerity.

Protecting The Environment By Tearing Down The Old

toyota together green

Audubon’s ‘Toyota Together Green’ programme is building bridges in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

What Do You Believe to Be True About Black Men?


BMe Community Founder Trabian Shorters wants a different dialogue about our future together.

Scaling Detroit: A Story of Collaboration

Dennis Talbert_1

Dennis Talbert builds bright spots in Brightmoor.

One Man Faces His Fear and Asks for a Conversation on Race

Larry Swetman

Afraid his earnest plea will be taken in a negative way, activist Larry Swetman faces his fear and asks for an open dialogue on race.

Cups of Opportunity Prove Sweet to At-Risk Youth

CUPs Coffeehouse

CUPs Coffeehouse founder Brian Gray teaches young adults they CAN make a difference.

Activists Seek to Impeach Philly’s First Black D.A

Greg Brinkley

On the heels of A. Charles Peruto Jr., calling for Seth Williams to be voted out of office, activists look to impeach him.

“empathy is a good thing, as long as we maintain comedy and sex to keep us from becoming robotic.”

free empaphy

This comment by Paul on the post How to Start an Empathy Revolution

Student’s Survival Story Triggered by Campus Suicides

Jack Park Cries

In the wake of two suicides in the last three weeks at the University of Pennsylvania, college junior Jack Park reveals he, too, wanted to commit suicide, but says his failed attempt was part of a greater being’s plan for his life.

Blowkisses for Equal Love. Blowkisses for Russia.

Blowkiss for Equality BlowkissRussa

#BlowkissRussia In support of the LGBT community everywhere.

Shooting an Elephant


In deceptively simple language, Lee Patton brings together mortality and isolation, elephants and teeth.