Comment of the Day: “Life as a social event.”

This Comment of the Day is by Jason Gootman on the post “On Living to 100 and Beyond: 9 Things You Can Do Today.”

When Things Change in an Instant: The Attacks on Paris

How can we make sense of the attacks?

The 6 Pillars of Masculinity for The Modern Renaissance Man

Each man chooses how to live and define his life… I don’t think there is one correct way to be a man. However, in my observation, the best men are aware of their efforts to balance out these multiple areas of their lives.

If It’s Lonely at the Top … Go Fill the Damn Moat

How to shift your perspective, dump the gloom, and become less lonely by re-engaging and igniting your relationships.

Men: The Vulnerable Titans

The more I’ve witnessed everything that humans are capable of, the more I feel assured that human beings are the vulnerable Titans.

The Evolution of Same-Sex Love in Country Music

Country radio is often characterized as a timid artistic wasteland, and not without reason. But country’s increasing connection to pop has perhaps given it a bit more flexibility in regards to gender and sexuality than it once did.

I Hit Rock Bottom 5 Years Ago and Then I Became the Happiest Man Ever

I’ve always lived somewhere on the outskirts of authentic connection.

Loving Emails Show There’s More To Trees Than Ecosystem Services

Melburnians love their trees, and for good reason.

Participatory Media: Somewhere Between a Media Company and a Community

The Good Men Project is the best type of participatory media. We encourage you to participate. We help you succeed

One of the Many Things the Media Has Wrong About the Black Community

Absent in the media narrative about race is the existing community of adult black individuals currently engaged and interested in civil dialogue.

Be a Man. Get Some Muscle.

“Men are gay because they like men. You should think about putting on a little muscle next time.”

The True Human Currency is Integrity

Lee Peyton sees a shift away from community values and a time when people stood by their word.

How I Found My Village, One Friend at a Time

A single mom’s reflections on building a support system.