Brexit: This Brit Responds to the Hopelessness, Despair, and Discrimination

Why did voting to leave the EU give racism and xenophobia free reign on public sentiment?

Interactive Quote of the Day—How Important is Compassion?

As a gentleman, do you think this quote is accurate? What are your initial thoughts?

What is Authenticity?

Is “being yourself” bad advice? Ira Israel takes a look.

A Second Look: Orlando and the Fight for Human Rights

Love is the defense against hate and bias.

Fathers, Brothers, Sons: Every Year on Father’s Day

Ed Madden reflects on the final moments he had with his father, and how they’ve rippled throughout his life as a man.

Compassion Isn’t Political or Complicated—it’s Just Love That We Can Share

The smallest act of compassion can inspire the greatest movement of healing.

The Gentle Art of Self-Forgiveness

If you want to move past the disappointments in your life, stop being so hard on yourself.

Today I Voted for Everyone

Does real, lasting change come from anger and vitriol or compassion and inclusion? You decide…

When I Bear-Hugged a Hero in Burger King

How do you respond when the homeless ask for help?

A Shift in the Wind

Jim Killon knows firsthand—sometimes the difference between hope and opportunity or continued destitution and despair can be a simple shift in humanity.

The Son of a Funeral-Planner Explores His Dad’s Grieving Process

Jesse grew up observing grief. He learned the most about it from his dad, a man who seemed not to express much at all. Here is how.

To the Woman at WalMart Who Shamed the Man Using Food Stamps

You know what I saw when I watched the video? That man’s son in the grocery cart.

To My Children, Who are Not Transgender

This dad gives simple advice not just for his kids, but for all people, everywhere.

Comment of the Day: ‘Humble is sexy.’

Good character is the only thing that matters.

Today is National Ex-Spouse Day — Here is Why I Celebrate My Ex-Wife

Bill Douglas was thrilled to find out that April 14th is Ex-Spouse Day. He approaches it with a full heart. Here is what he has to say.

A Challenge to Men: Take Each Day Gladiator Style

Which kind of gladiator are you: the one that brings the battle or the one that has the battle brought to them?