Raising Boys with Cancer

Fishing With Sons

How a cancer diagnosis can help to raise happy, healthy boys.

10 Mindful Practices to Soothe Chronic Pain

10 Mindful Practics by Mycatkins

Chronic pain can feel hopeless. Kathryn Hogan offers 10 ways you can consciously make yourself feel better.

4 Ways Men Can Be More Compassionate–and Happy

Dalai Lama

What women can teach us about compassion and happiness

Why Do We Break the Rungs of the Very Ladder We’re Climbing?


The “1,000 Voices Speak for Compassion” online group brings together bloggers and filmmakers from around the world. Briton Underwood is one of those writers, and challenges us regarding how we treat each other when completing our personal journey. — It’s much easier to navigate the harrows of life without making stops to show compassion and kindness […]

Hawaiian Secrets to Save the World

image of Hawaiian King Kamehameha

Teaching our children to save the planet by respecting each other and the land like the Hawaiians did.

How to ‘C’ Your Way to a Letter Perfect Relationship

Screen shot 2015-07-02 at 10.38.16 PM

Successful coupling is as easy as remembering your ABC’s … and you can skip A and B.

The Irony of Being a Gentleman

gentleman doll

The one thing men need most but rarely get–gentleness.

Race to Nowhere

boys by waterfall

“In nature, formal schooling has no function.”

How a Prince Becomes a King


A photo caption from Humans of New York inspires Greg Liotta to dissect manhood, compassion, forgiveness, and what it means to truly claim the title of King

Taking Up the Slack for Emotionally Intelligent Boys

aikido throw

“I’m going to make a conscious effort to always take up the slack, be the bigger person, and extend love to my sons”

Science, Sex, and Social Justice in the Bible Belt: One Dad’s Letter to His Daughters


Raising daughters in the American South can be difficult regarding which worldview to pass on. Humanist Neil Carter addresses these issues with clarity and compassion.

You Just Found 60 Dollars!

you just found

What are you going to do — A) leave it, B) take the money and run, C) what Sean Croghan did?

When People Make Unusual Choices


Why do we judge people for being different from us? Because we judge ourselves hardest of all.

You Never Really Know What Others Are Going Through

how cancer touches lives

What we wish for in life, and how we judge the values of others, changes when we know their story.

The House After She’s Gone


Lynn Marie Houston brings us one man’s moment of vulnerability and one woman’s responding compassion.

Patience; the One Virtue You Can’t Have Too Much Of

little boy trying patience

Practicing patience makes you great at 9 other life skills — and might make you happier as well.