7 Ways to Teach Kids About Gratitude

Living with an attitude of gratitude as a moral value for kids.

Grieving Men and Their Ocean of Emotions

Mark Liebenow believes men have been conditioned for too long to hide their grief. It’s time to talk about it.

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Dr. Steve examines why leaving a dysfunctional relationship is so difficult. It’s deeper than you think.

Should We Allow Syrian Refugees Into Our Country?

Another human rights issue has become a political battleground, but what should we really do?

Call for Submissions – For the Love of Men

Who are your male role models? The guys who impact your life in a positive way; the guys you look up to and admire?

Paris in Our Hearts: Do We Choose Fear and Violence?

Or do we choose compassion and love?

How To Help Your Partner Heal Their Emotional Wounds

Jordan Gray says that helping your partner heal their pain starts with you being willing to face your own demons.

How a Straight Guy Finally Understood What It Feels Like to be Attacked for Being LGBT

David Stevens always loved his gay brother. An incident of his own rejection gave him a deep feel for the depth of LGBT discrimination. His advocacy led him to be named one of the top Allies of 2013 by the Huffington Post. Here is the video that moved hundreds of thousands.

Kindness Is a Universal Language

Parents Have the Ability to Teach Kids the Message of Kindness Is Universal

Helping Others Without Hurting Yourself

Theresa Byrne wants to you to know that you can help others without having it cause you pain or drama. But you’ll need to set some boundaries.

What My 5 Year Old Taught Me When She Stood Up To Bullying

His daughter stood up to bullying and taught him what it takes to be fearless.  — In honor of bullying prevention month I’ve decided to share a story about my daughter that I think could help all of us understand what we can do to prevent bullying. … she wasn’t thinking about the consequences of […]

The Power of Kindness and Compassion in Bullying Prevention (Video)

Activist for Kindness Gabriella van Rij shares her mission to get others to pick up the ball of Human Kindness® and be a hero to someone who needs your help.

You Can’t Always Find Compassion Where You Expect

The place we often think to turn in difficult times, might not be the best.

When A Car Commercial Became A Message For Change

When you don’t think of them as dummies, something amazing happens. — In our current time in human history we are as advanced as we have ever been. We can cure diseases that once wiped out thousands of lives. Pictures and video can be captured by a phone that once was only used to make calls. […]

10 Things I’ve Learned In Long-term Relationships

There are reasons, beyond biology, why you want to be in a long-term relationship. Dr. Steve shares ten wins that time gave him.

Is Tragic News Preventing Our Kids from Learning Compassion?

DiaryDad searches for compassion and love and finds it in abundance in his 8 year old son.