“I support the athletes, I do not support what the Olympics have become, and I will not watch the Olympics.”

Sochi 2014

This comment by Hunter on the post I’m Not Watching The Olympics, and Neither Should You

6 Things You Can’t Win (and How to Win Them)

5 things you cant win

Not everything is a contest, but you can always be a winner. Here’s how.

The Most Important Lessons to Teach Our Kids

The Most Important Lessons to Teach Our Kids

Cort Ruddy questions whether children need to be taught to be competitive and wonders if there are better lessons parents should be imparting.

Gender and the Body par excellence


Tara Fannon considers the male body, countenance, consumption, and control.

Geeks Vs. Jocks

Photo: Stockmonkeys.com

Alyssa Royse has been thinking about the geeks vs. jocks conflict in high school, and how it may shape the way our men grow up.

The Philly Drummer Boy: A Carol of Drums

photo (14)

Drumming in the snow, drumming night and day, playing different grooves and fills along the way. Bells on cymbals ring, making spirits bright, oh what fun is to play the drums all day and night!

Pickup Basketball: One Man’s Look Inside the Game

Pickup Basketball StuSeeger photo (larger)

We play for the camaraderie. We play for the competition. We play to feel good. We play to feel ourselves.

No Child Left Behind? More Like No Child Left Untested.


Professor Warren Blumenfeld on why we must reform education in the United States.

I Do Women’s Work And It’s The Manliest Work There Is

Womans work photo by mnemophobe

Ben Martin thinks it’s time that we reassess the artificial division between “women’s work” and “men’s work”.

Sports Made a Man Out of Me… Eventually

Keith Ackers reluctant athlete 1982

Scorekeeping and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat: A call for submissions from the new editor of our Sports section.

The Competitive Edge: Why It’s Imperative We Teach Our Sons and Daughters To Compete

soccer photo by aidanmorgan

Alan Bishop worries we talk too much about the negative aspects of competition instead of focusing on all the positives.

Tomorrow’s Headline: Dude Found Unconscious and Bloody in Elevator

fight on elevator photo by srgblog

Tsach Gilboa, with a cautionary tale dedicated to the young guy who tried to pick a fight in the Santa Monica gym elevator.

I’ll Take Body Image Issues for $1000, Please, Alex

bike racing body image photo by

David Stanley used to be a racing cyclist with a body so taut that his buttoned and zipped pants would slide off off him. But he was never really satisfied with how his body looked.

Remember the Atmosphere: 5 Theorems for My Son


From dealing with jerks to the misconception of a man’s world, Taylor Garcia proposes five truths for his son to consider.

Excuse Me for Keeping It Real

Excuse Me for keeping it Real

Colin Berry makes the case for men to drop the surface-level chatter and have real conversations instead.

My Secret Vice

golfing, confession, secret, vice, golf, sport, tee, teeing off, golf club, golf ball, golfer

Admitting you’re into golf…