Why Nobody Wins When Competitive Nature Kills Leadership

Matt Collins shares his discovery that being recognized for your work isn’t always a good feeling.

Why Winning Isn’t Everything: Our Boys Can Teach Us More

How “boys will be boys” needs to go and “for the love of the game” is the only way to play

Why it’s OK for Boys to Fail

Is failure better than not trying? Andrew Books, father of a high school wrestler, shares how losses teach as much, or more than, wins.

The Three Main Ways to Deal with Competition

“Don’t be a sore loser, don’t be a sore winner.”—That’s what my mom always said. That’s what she taught us. And to the extent that I’ve heeded this advice, it’s served me well.

Life Is Not a Competition

Mae L’Heureux gives new meaning to the phrase “eliminate your competition.”

11 Reasons It’s Awesome to Work Out With Your Significant Other

It’s not all sex-related, but it could be!

More Than Just Muscle… Why Men Really Need to Compete

Dr. Mark Schillinger says “Men can support each other to work through adversity with intensity, focus and solutions”

Does Derrick Rose Have An Obligation?

Does Derrick Rose have an obligation to his teammates to come back early if they could win a title?

Self-Esteem: It’s an Inside Job

Our culture allows competition to be ingrained in our brains. Joanne Deck illuminates the flame of self esteem and suggests removing competition from love.

10 Steps to Achieving Anything You Want

Want more out of life? Scott Sonnon has a map.

Competition From Another Man Or Woman? Bring It On!

“It’s human nature to want someone more when someone else wants them, too.”

Are You Ready For Some Football: An Introductory Guide To The English Premier League

Americans fell in love with the World Cup this summer, but soccer isn’t over. In fact, English Premier League is just heating up. Here, a guide for newbs.

The Seven Habits of Highly Neurotic Authors

Everyone has bad habits. When Andrew J. Peters became a published author, he picked up a few more.

Hatch of Adolescence or Stupid Boy Tricks?

At age fifteen, I found myself locked in a stupid death struggle with my best friend—for the attention and love of a girl.

The Manufacturing of the American Douche

Nathan Graziano would like to talk about our propensity for accepting bad behavior—as long as it is in the name of a win.

“I support the athletes, I do not support what the Olympics have become, and I will not watch the Olympics.”

This comment by Hunter on the post I’m Not Watching The Olympics, and Neither Should You