No, You Shouldn’t Expect Unconditional Love From Your Spouse

Your dog may love you unconditionally, but grown human adults aren’t our pets.

8 Reasons Why You Should Marry the Complicated Guy

I’m sure you’ve read enough lists this year to understand that “basic” things are either greatly undesirable – or pumpkin-spice flavored. Either way, don’t take the easy way out and simply settle.

“A long list of dealbreakers means you aren’t really looking for an actual human being to date.”

wellokaythen says that if your list of dealbreakers has more than a few items on it, you probably have unrealistic expectations.

On Women and Casual Sex – Part II: Flings, One Night Stands and Same Night Lays

Guys, you’re doing it wrong: some women DO like casual sex.

On Women and Casual Sex – Part I: The Pleasure Theory

Actually, Good Charlotte, girls DON’T like cars and money—as much as they like boys who know how to “please” them…