Bitter Root: A Story of Marriage and Borsch


In this story from The Roadkill Collection, food can make or mar a marriage.

Are You The Reacher Or The Settler?

Attractive young couple

Ever heard of the reacher/settler debate? Jordan Gray has something new to say about it.

The Battle Of Beliefs In Your Relationship

City running couple jogging outside

Jordan Gray says that over time people adopt their relationship partners beliefs. And there’s a way that you can use this to your advantage…

This is Not My America


Lost to America is the ability to compromise, which once made us the greatest of nations. Doug Zeigler wonders if we can ever regain the empathy for others that we once revered.

How Two Christmases (Mine and My Husbands’) Became One

first christmas

Shiny things, dressing up, free stuff, an extravaganza of decorations. What’s not to love about the holidays? Well, plenty.

How to Have a Great First Date

Good Men Project, How to Have a Great First Date, Dating Tips, Tips for a Great First Date, Dating Tips,

First dates can be rough. Mary Ann Lomas gives advice on how to make the most of your first date.

Five Things Every Self-Respecting Man Over 30 Needs. And 40 He Doesn’t.

30 things every man needs photo by the futuristics

Thomas Pluck believes the things a man really needs are all-encompassing and don’t even require money.

5 Lessons My Kids Learned From the Government Shutdown

capital building, u.s., america, congress, government, shutdown, national mall

Kyle Wiley made the most of the government shutdown by using it as a teaching tool for his two young children.

President Obama and the Myth of the Henpecked Husband


Helena Andrews believes that we all do stuff out of concern for the people we love.

Why Are We in This Partnership?


Why Are We in This Partnership?

“A kind of rape society doesn’t talk about is the type where ‘consent’ is given through coercion or wearing-down.”


This is a comment by Davey on the post “Nice Guys Commit Rape Too”.

Baby, I Won’t Tolerate It!


A marriage is threatened by photos of Mike Tyson, episodes of Gossip Girl.

The Monk was Celibate, and Then Not…

wedding photo

A newlywed psychotherapist meditates on the goodness of her marriage to a monk

Intelligent Conflict


Eric Sentell provides strategies for managing conflict and disagreement.

The Amnesia of 9/11


We came together as a country eleven years ago. Can we do it again in 2012?

Working to Make a Life

Photo by cogdogblog

Dan Griffin works to balance it all – career, family, travel, you name it. But at the end of the day, his work-life balance is focused on his family.